ESL's Stephen Schwartz Scrapbook

See the Scrapbook on Saturday!
See the Scrapbook on Saturday!
Usually my daughters mock me a bit for writing in this blog about shows I see.  Tonight they demanded that I write about the Stephen Schwartz Scrapbook so that more people might go to see it on its last night on Saturday, April 12 at 7:30 PM at the Unitarian church on Pine Street in Milford.

This musical review is the lovechild of its director Mark DiCampo, an admitted Schwartz addict who long ago made his own cassette tape of Stephen Schwartz music, then played the tape so much that the tape wore out.  The review contains 32 songs, about half again as many songs that most reviews contain, because DiCampo clearly could not bear to cut the songs he clearly knows so well and loves so much.  Fortunately the young and talented cast was up to the task, keeping the energy level up from beginning to end of the show while keeping the quality way, way up.

One of the wonderful things about working with young talent is watching them grow right before your eyes.  On the current episode of Milford Performs, the talented trio of Catherine Cote, Sophie Johnson, and Courtney Forsmo sing "Morning Glow' from Pippin and do a very good job with it.  One month later and with a new accompanist and drummer, the trio performed "Morning Glow" with tighter harmonies and added tempo changes, and was even better.  

Check out the Stephen Schwartz Scrapbook on Milford TV (Saturday at 5:30 PM on Comcast Ch 8 / Verizon Ch 38) then go see the Scrapbook at 7:30 PM.  You will enjoy it greatly -  just like my daughters did!


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