HHS Graduate Building Painting Business in Holliston/Hopkinton

Jimmy Krauss was selected for a highly competitive College Works Painting internship. The internship puts students at the command of a small business for a single summer.


Krauss, a member of HHS’s graduating class in 2012 will be a junior studying Recreation Management and Business at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. This summer, he'll be reinforcing his studies with some real world experience, thanks to a top notch internship with College Works Painting.


Krauss was one of roughly 2,000 interns across 19 states hired this year to manage a team of professional painters. On his own he has hired a team of marketers who are students at HHS that were given the opportunity for a paid marketing internship. “In high school, is when I really came about the notion that I wanted to market and eventually run my own business someday. I really wish I had the opportunity as a high school student to have an internship with a lot of hands on experience.”


The company provides its college interns with painting supplies, crews of full-time professional painters, a budget and extensive mentoring, then backs away as the student takes charge of boosting revenue, handling costs and maintaining all other aspects of a small exterior/ interior painting business.


Although the painting season has just begun, Krauss already has his hands full working with his already booked clients, hiring his team and setting business initiatives in motion. Summer has not even started yet and Krauss has taken plenty of initiative to reach his goal. “You have to work hard in life to be successful and my goal at the end of this internship is to have run a 100K business.”


For Krauss, the internship is a golden opportunity to begin his path in life. Even more important for the HHS grad, however, was the opportunity to network and meet new people. “As I will be going out in the real world very soon, I look forward to meeting new people and learning from them. As a college student with much ambition, I want to find out about people and their work and absorb any helpful information I can take in. I will learn more from this internship by meeting new people, and managing time, stress, and a business, than I will in any of my classes.”


If you would like to receive a free painting estimate from Jimmy you can contact him at:


(508) 733-3328 (M)


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