Counting Baby to Sleep

There are many things I count in my life but sometimes, to put my baby to sleep, I just count.

As I mother, I find myself constantly counting.

It sounds odd, I know, and I am not just talking about helping my preschooler and kindergartner with their math skills.

I count the hours left in a day, the days left in a week, the months left until vacation!

I count the years my children have been alive and, occasionally, the years until they move out.

I count the weeks my infant has been alive and the months until she starts sleeping through the night!

While all of these are related to my mental health, there is one other time of day wher I count and it actually serves a real purpose.

When I am trying to put Anna to bed, I feel myself tensing up.  I am tired and ready for some time to myself but I know if I set her down too quickly she will wake up and we will start the whole process over. So I count.

1 breath 2 breath 3 breath and I think, “I’ll count to 100 and see where we are at.”  When I reach 100 I frequently start again.

The amazing thing is that as I count, I relax and so does Anna.  Right into a nice deep sleep. 


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