Hopkinton Patch Writer's Father's Day Top 10

Thank you to my husband, my kids' dad, and fathers everywhere for the things they do to make life easier!

At the end of the day, with an infant and two other small children, there are certain chores that I am so grateful their father takes care of!

10. Killing the spiders and moving the snakes!  I know that they are tiny compared to me and pose little threat but somehow they freak me out anyway and I really appreciate when someone else gets rid of them!

9. Mowing the lawn.  Pushing that mower around on a hot day with gas fumes blowing in my face is less than fun for me, so thank you for doing it every week.

8. Playing Daddy monster!  I hear the roars of a monster and the shrieks of delight as children scatter.   It is an all-time favorite in our house and a job I do not have a natural propensity or a desire for.

7. Being a horse for the kids. “Can I ride on you?”  I must hear my 4 year old ask my husband 10 times a day.  He almost always says yes!

6. Holding the baby while she cries!  She has been fed, rocked and cajoled but still she won’t fall asleep.  I have the hardest time doing it even though I know sometimes babies just need to cry.

5. Unclogging the disposal.  It is a gross job, there are bits of disgusting food in a tiny hand wrenching space.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

4. Taking the kids for a bike ride. They almost always disappear for an hour as they ride their bikes and investigate streams.  It is an hour in the day that I cherish.

3. Shoveling and snow-blowing the driveway!  It seems far away now but when that winter wind blows I am so glad to be in the house making the hot cocoa instead of outside shoveling the snow.

2. Giving me a hug on a hard day.  Some days with children are incredibly difficult, as all parents know, and at the end of one I am so thankful for a bit of comfort.

1. Going to work every morning and then coming home every night.  I know we all do it but that doesn’t mean it is always easy, so thank you for making a choice to support and love your family.


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