Hopkinton Vets Enjoy Breakfast on July 11

Hopkinton Senior Center.
Hopkinton Senior Center.
Enjoy breakfast at the Senior Center Mess Hall featuring chipped beef and other great chow on Friday, 11 July, at or about 0900 hours.  The regulars show-up early for coffee and muffins, so don't be late.  Always impressive is the camaraderie of good friends.  Please invite Vets who don't receive this message.  If there are transportation difficulties, call Amy Beck by 9 July 2014,508 497-9730.

The Photo Gallery has 512 "poses" which are a result of a steady growth in our town-wide asset that everyone enjoys.  The 5 most recent photos will be posted any day -- be patient.  Please maintain the momentum by locating an image of anyone who has lived in town and worn a military uniform hcam.tv/series/veterans/slideshow.shtml.  Jim Cozzens has segmented the photos by branch of service.  Each branch is alphabetized allowing an easier way to locate specific persons.  Enjoy the new format.

Veterans Remember shows are available 24/7 at hcam.tv/veteransremember .  Let us know of prospective guests. Visit the List of Links: hcam.tv/vets-links, and see a wide variety of veterans activities in Hopkinton.

A new (~ 2 years) Hopkinton Vet turns out to be a baseball die-hard, and Jewish.  Of course, one discussion point was the all-time Jewish baseball team.  A variation to that theme for the free breakfast quiz is a two-part challenge: (1) what Jewish pitcher is second to Sandy Koufax in wins and in Ks?; (2) what ML ballplayer was drafted in the first round, received 125 scholarship offers to play basketball, and 100 offers to play football?  Must attend breakfast to win!  

The Pledge of Allegiance and the blessing of our meal will be led by members of the American Legion McDonough-Carlberg Post 202.

Submitted by Henry Allessio.


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