How Are We Connected?

Butterfly mom and business owner, Maria Salomao-Schmidt, took time out of her day to speak with Patch about the importance of energy and life connections.

"How are we connected?"

Maria Salomao-Schmidt, owner of , co-author, and mom, regularly asks this question as she encounters people in her daily life.

Born in Portugal 44 years ago, Salomao-Schmidt moved to the states at the tender age of four and began what can only be described as a journey to her soul.

"I have dual citizenship," she said. " It is a gift. Growing up an immigrant, you get the gift of the old world combined with the hip American world. You live in both, but sometimes you feel you belong in neither."

As Salomao-Schmidt neared her 20th birthday she knew that education and exploring her world would define her 20's and perhaps her life.

"I go out and gather the information," she said. "I go through the bumps and then give it to others in bite-sized lumps when they need it."

Making her first million by her 29th birthday entailed world travel and the opportunity to meet amazing people doing amazing things. Along the way,  Maria experienced her lumps and became one of the amazing people.

"I was in public relations, but never happy," she said. "My thought was often, I've arrived now what?"

And so, she redefined her life once again by moving back to New England from California, falling in love and starting a family.

Blessed with a husband, a step-son and three beautiful daughters, Maria felt she had it all.

"When Sophia died at 13 months old it was a sense of sheer pain and sheer freedom all a the same time," she said. "I asked myself, what is the world because it is no longer what it is supposed to be."

From Sophia's death, Maria learned about life.

"I believe she is a soul who came down from heaven to break my heart," Maria said. "A broken heart has a lot of rainbows."

From Sophia's death, Maria created ButterflyMoms; an online blog that she writes to stay close to her daughter. She also began a moms group for women seeking their place in the world. The group meets Thursday nights at 8 p.m. at Brick House Realty. How do you know you are a fit for the group?

"You know because you feel that you are on a journey," Salomao-Schmidt said. "For some of us we don’t know where we are going or what we are supposed to do to get there, but there is a rumbling in our soul."

"We assume we'll be here forever," Salomao-Schmidt said. "But in reality you just never know. We need to understand that we're all connected."

Salomao-Schmidt goes on to say that having what we want is a thought away. She has been a part of many great ventures, including an appearance on the Oprah Show and as one of several co-authors of the book Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

"I couldn't be the example of the juiciness after the pain without Sophia," Salomao-Schmidt said. "I want to bring what I've learned to my small town by giving back."

, with Salomao-Schmidt and her husband, Doug, at the helm, constantly shares their space for free, works to help others begin a business and offers many other services to the community.

Salomao-Schmidt is now a student of the Rhys Thomas School of Energy in Medway, and continues to work on her life's mission and purpose.

"Everyday you wake up with 100 energy dollars," Salomao-Schmidt said. "How you spend them, and what type of container you carry them in, determines the quality of your life."

Salomao-Schmidt is an example of the quality of life you can have. To learn more about Maria, to buy her book or join her Thursday night group visit www.ButterflyMoms.com.


Helen Bannigan February 08, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Maria is an inspiration to many, thanks for this excellent profile and tribute to an exceptional lady.


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