Will We See a White Christmas?

Whether you're dreaming of one or not, Mother Nature has plans.

According to STORMFAX, historically there is a 60 percent chance of one inch of snow on Christmas morning, a 27 percent chance of 5 inches and a 10 percent chance of 10 inches.   

OK, but is it going to snow this Christmas?

It's hard to tell this early, but Jim Arnold, a weather specialist who works with Shrewsbury's and Worcester's Emergency Communications and Emergency Management Agencices, has some theories.

"Over the long term, Central Massachusetts sees a white Christmas between 6 and 7 years out of 10," said Arnold. "From a sensible weather standpoint, I do see signs of a pattern change to one of colder and stormier weather in about 10 to 14 days. That would greatly increase the chances of a white Christmas should the new pattern take hold and last.  I do think that will happen and the chances that we will see a white Christmas this year are good. However, it is still a bit early to flat our forecast one for now."

Patch will check in with Arnold later in the month for an updated forecast. Do you hope we have a white Christmas?



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