Witch at the Checkout, Blue Spruce in a Bag, New Shrewsbury Restaurant

And be whomever you want him to be: witch doctor or voodoo specialist will cure all your woes.

Observations upon browsing Craigslist this week include that the same person in the MetroWest region seems to be posting as not only an African voodoo specialist but also a witch doctor from Haiti. Both can essentially perform the same services, including getting your scam money back, saving your marriage, putting an end to sleep walking and curing mental illness.  

Hey, witch at the checkout

Hey lady at the Shrewsbury Home Depot checkout, did you put a spell on a man? That's what he wants to know. Must be a man with a sense of humor, as he adds "lol." "You were smiling the whole time, and I was trying to act nonchalant... I liked your hat...and the rest of your outfit. I made a joke about what I was buying...do you remember what it was? Let me know and I might be back again... :)"

Two ships that pass in the Walmart

To the red-headed customer service representative at Walmart in Framingham: you've got a fan who will probably never talk to you. He's too nervous. "You were working the service desk and as I walked by you we looked at each other and smiled. The whole time I shopped I kept thinking I should try to talk to you. But alas every time I went by, you were with a customer and when I was checking out you were talking to your boss. I just wanted to say you are extremely attractive, so here's to two ships that passed in the night."

Cute woman buys stamps, attracts gentleman caller

You drove a Pathfinder and visited the Shrewsbury Post office recently, and like many accidental flirters on the pages of Craigslist, you shot a smile—two even— in the direction of a guy. And, "then when I left you were sitting in your Pathfinder and gave me another smile. You bought stamps I think." This poster would have asked you to lunch, but he had to get back to work. He wasn't too nervous or anything.

It's not as bad as used underwear ...

But ... two free toilets for the taking! Someone in Hopkinton is doing a renovation job, and out come not one but two ... two .. two ... toilets. Yours for the taking. But he won't respond to emails. You've got to call about these.

One man's trampoline is another child's playset

This person in Holliston either has never seen a trampoline, or has kids that jump up and down on slides and swings. While the ad says he is giving away a "large outdoor trampoline with ptotective netting enclosure," the three photos attached to the listing show a large playset .... with no trampoline. See photo to confirm confusion.

Good home for a fish

Before buying from a pet store (which is discouraged by animal activists), this person from Northborough is looking to adopt some fish for her 75 gallon tank. She's interested in softwater fish. She says, "I will give them a great home."

Marlborough dogs looking to blow off steam

Two cute looking dogs, and their parent, are looking to set up or join a Marlborough dog playgroup once or twice a week. Your dog would probably love that. 

Smoke-free blue spruce up for grabs

The lights on it don't work, but this 7-foot blue spruce located in North Grafton is free to a good home. It's a "big, pretty tree" purchased from Walmart years ago. Oh, and it's missing the stand. The tree comes in three sections, and has lived in a smoke-free home.

New Shrewsbury restaurant is hiring

2 Ovens, coming to White City in Shrewsbury, is hiring all shifts. Here's the information.


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