Here Are Some Hopkinton Gluten-Free Restaurants

Take-out or eat-in, these nearby places to eat can feed your whole family and all your friends, even those who can't tolerate gluten. Plus, there's even a place to buy gluten-free beer.

For Hopkinton families, going out to eat after a long week or ordering take-out on a busy weeknight is standard fare. However for those requiring gluten-free meals, until recently, dining out has been anything but fun or easy.

With the regular, crazy schedule of most families, I longed for the chance to put away the crockpot and just pick up dinner somewhere. But, with three-out-of-five of us eating gluten-free, I knew that was not an option.

Until I saw a sign.

Just when I needed it most, during a dinner-hour carpool to Framingham it appeared: a placard at La Cantina that simply stated, “GF Menu.”

Finally! After Fall's baseball double-headers in Holliston and swim-meets at Framingham's Keefe Tech pool, regular pizza nights were back in at our gluten-free home. It may seem silly, to enjoy food from a box, on the go. But to us it was special. It was fun. It was easy. 

Thankfully, La Cantina, like many national chains and some other family-owned restaurants, offers a full gluten-free menu. These reatuarants are accommodating a growing demand for those with celiac disease, wheat allergies or gluten intolerance.

Keep these local eateries with gluten-free menus in mind for planning business dinners, catering parties, or going out to dinner with friends with gluten free needs.


Dino's Pizza http://alturl.com/bpe99


La Cantina www.golacantina.com

British Beer Company www.britishbeer.com

Paparazzi www.paparazzitrattoria.com

Pepperoncini's  www.hotpizzacoldbeer.com


Tavolino at Patriot Place  www.tavolinoristorante.com


Tavolino www.tavolinoristorante.com

UNO Chicago Bar & Grill (also in Framingham,  & Wrentham) www.unos.com

Outback Steakhouse (also in Bellingham) www.outback.com

Ted's Montana Grill www.tedsmontanagrill.com

The Chateau www.chateaurestaurant.com

Arturo's www.arturosristorante.com

Not Your Average Joe’s www.notyouraveragejoes.com


Boloco http://www.boloco.com/

PF Changs www.pfchangs.com

Lola's Groceria & Deli  www.lolasnatick.com


Pepperoncini's www.hotpizzacoldbeer.com


Franco's Trattoria: http://www.welovefrancos.com/

In the United States 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease. People with Celiac Disease cannot digest gluten, which is the binding element in bread, most baked goods and is used in many other foods. (Note: Some foods that are wheat-free are not gluten-free.) If a person has Celiac Disease, gluten damages his or her digestive tract so he or she must stick to a gluten-free diet.

While celiac disease is not new, advances in testing have resulted in an increase in diagnosis. This has created awareness and market demand for gluten-free restaurant and grocery items.

Because gluten-free food has to be prepared in a separate area and uses substitute binding ingredients such as xanthan gum or guar gum and subsitute flours made from rice, potato, chickpea, soy or other grains for wheat flour, it tends to be more expensive than conventional food.

Beer and Groceries

Colella's Supermarket in Hopkinton has a full range of gluten-free foods throughout the store. Shoppers can get a list of those foods at the front of the store. Colella's also carries gluten-free meals in its deli (sold-out Feb. 19 and 20).

Warehouse Liquors http://www.warehousedwine.com/ in Framingham has gluten-free beer.

Wine doesn't ordinarily have gluten in it. A caveat there too: Though most foods in the outside aisles of groceries - dairy, meat, fish, produce - don't contain gluten, food-manufacturers  sometimes add gluten as a binder to dairy drinks, ice creams or cheeses. Read the labels on the package, on the manufacturer's website, or ask a grocery clerk. 

- Ruth Ann Cote

Amy Ritterbusch February 21, 2011 at 03:13 PM
Excellent article Ruth Ann! UNO Chicago Grill is also very friendly for those with food allergies.
Kathleen Reale February 23, 2011 at 03:47 AM
A fantastic article! Thanks for the info!
Marguerite Paolino May 12, 2011 at 02:17 AM
Joe's American Bar and Grill (Framingham and Franklin) makes all food to order and takes food allergies very seriously. I highly recommend it. The staff is aware food allergies, and the management has multiple systems in place to ensure that communication between the diner and the chef is clear. The manager on duty routinely comes to the table to make sure that the food issue is understood. Best of all, they have fresh-baked gluten-free bread that tastes so good that it was enjoyed by all at our table, whether they eat GF or not.


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