Hopkinton: Have a Quick Bite at Moe's Southwest Grill

New Natick spot replaces old Pizza Hut on Rte. 9. Shopping at the malls and want a quick trip to Texas? Try Moe's

Hopkinton residents, don't be scared when you walk inot Moe's SouthWest Grill on Rte. 9 in Natick. The staff does that to everybody. (I won't spoil the surprise. It's a little bit of fun on a humdrum day.)

Moe's is one of the new cafeteria style restuarnts where you order buritos, salads, tacos or whatever's your pleasure and the counter people make it right in front of you, so you can say what you want on your Billy Ballou and how much. Billy Ballou is - and I may be wrong here - an obscure catch-phrase from Seinfeld where Lloyd Bridges (Jeff's dad) played Izzy Mandlebaum, an 80-year-old personal trainer.

Izzy took everything Jerry said as a challenege to Izzy's fitness, ("All right Seinfeld. It's go time!") and Jerry was constantly trying to stop him from exerting  himself. Izzy's dad would urge Izzy to "Give him the old Billy Ballou!"

(EDITOR'S NOTE added 3/20/2011: As a commenter said, "Gene, good try on the nacho reference Billy Barou." But totally wrong! Here's the real story:  "The movie was Caddy Shack and it was the name that Ted Knight gave to his putter. Thanks for the great review and welcome to Moes!!!!!!!!! ")

What that has to do with nachos covered with everything but the kitchen sink, I don't know.

Moe's prices are the best thing. It's very inexpensive and the portions are large - so lareg that if you're a light lunch or dinner eater, you might want to share with a friend, or bring some home to warm up the next day. (I did!)

Moe's Southweat Grill stands alone on the Speen Street ramp off Rte. 9 east in Natick, between Pet World and the Christmas Tree Shop (or Newbury Comics). It's a great addition, a step above nearby fast-food restaurants on Rte. 30 in the mall area at the same price.

Moe's has applied to Natick selectmen for a liquor license, and may soon serve beer and wine. Welcome to Moe's!

(And by the way, those photos on the wall aren't who you think they are, unless you think they're not them.)


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