Marlborough's Vin Bin Expands to Hopkinton

The owner of the popular wine and beer store says that expanding into Hopkinton was always in his plans.

With the Vin Bin set to open a second location Wednesday, Owner Rick Lombardi said a second store in Hopkinton has been in his plans for five years.

"We always wanted to be in Hopkinton. We have wanted to be in Hopkinton for five years," said Lombardi.

The Vin Bin, a purveyor of fine wine, artisan cheese, specialty foods, craft beer and spirits opened its doors in 2004. The Vin Bin moved into the 100-year-old former Central Fire Station in 2011.

The quality of life store has been touted for its contribution to downtown Marlborough. It is now set to do the same thing beginning at noon on Jan. 30 at 22 South Street in the new Price Chopper Plaza in Hopkinton.

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"It will be to wine shops what Starbucks does to coffee shops. It makes it warm and inviting. It is service oriented," said Lombardi.

The warm character of the Marlborough store will be carried over to the new store even though it is located in a much newer building.

"Once you step inside, you will see the same shape and colors," said Lombardi. "Once you step inside, you will get that same feeling."

The new store will also continue along with the same products as the Marlborough store. The Hopkinton store will not have a cafe as the Marlborough store does, but that is the major difference, said Lombardi. The Vin Bin in Marlborough is more than a liquor store and the Hopkinton store will continue that tradition, he said.

"It won't be the typical liquor store. It is more a quality of life store," said Lombardi. "It is for people who like to indulge in luxury items."


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