If Reindeer Can Ski, So Can You

A group of Patch employees went to Ski Ward to receive a lesson.

Patch headed to "snow school" at the Ski Ward in Shrewsbury last week, with editor Charlene Arsenault taking some first-ever downhill skiing lessons. Patch the reindeer always wedges his way onto the scene, and did so again this time.

Snow School at the Ski Ward employs more than 100 instructors for its ski and snowboard classes. Racing instruction, too, is available. Classes are available for groups, individuals, and all ages.

Ski Ward also offers tubing, but you don't need much instruction for that activity. 

Check out our video of our experience at the Ski Ward, where "pizza" and "french fry" moves were applied to the mountainside.

Do you remember your first time skiing? Seasoned skiers: do you have any tips for novices? Where do you most enjoy skiing?


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