Pejamajo Cafe Responds to Concerns the Business Has Closed Temporarily

Owners say Groupons and gift certificates will be honored when the Holliston cafe reopens after a major kitchen renovation.

Pejamajo Cafe in Holliston has closed for at least five months. Credit: www.facebook.com
Pejamajo Cafe in Holliston has closed for at least five months. Credit: www.facebook.com
The following answer was generated by Pejamajo Cafe owners Jane and Peter Savas in response to questions and concerns (many raised by Patch) after they closed their doors temporarily for a kitchen renovation and upgrade. It answers most questions raised by Patch readers. 

This is the email sent to Pejamajo customers.

The purpose of this email is to clear up some confusion regarding the status of Pejamajo Café.
As all of you know, last September, Donald Gray became our General Manager. Like so many of you, we have known and been friends with Donald, Deb and their kids for years. Since day one, Donald has dedicated himself and his staff to providing quality products quickly in first tier surroundings.

Despite all best efforts, customers expressed growing disappointment in the slow speed of service and the lack of uniformity in the preparation of our products. The implications were that these shortcomings were due to poor leadership. Knowing Donald, we knew nothing could be further from the truth.

We've recently retained independent culinary consultants. The analysis confirmed the kitchen is not organized to meet the speed or consistency needs of quick service customers. We understand why commuters are unhappy waiting 25 minutes for a bacon, egg and cheese crepe. We know you have an hour for lunch and can't spend half of it waiting for food. Reorganizing our kitchen and routinizing our preparation processes will take time to develop, test and validate. 

We'd like to address the most commonly posed questions of the past four days:
(1) Pejamajo Gift Cards or Groupons will not expire;
(2) All perishable food product was donated to Holliston Food Pantry; and,
(3) We don't use paper plates and plastic utensils because we aren't willing to pay staff to wash dishes. The experience, economic and environmental aspects are all unfavorable. We would gladly change if we could.
On behalf of Donald and his team, we apologize to those who have been disappointed. To those who have been and continue to be supportive with constructive suggestions, we thank you. 

Kind regards,
Jane and Peter Savas


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