Soccer Dad Looks for Soccer Mom; Free Disinfectant!

This week, the best of Craigslist focuses on jobs, items for sale, freebies and love frustrations.

A new year brings new expressions of love, new things for sale, and lots of people getting rid of their old TVs.

In today's browsing, we note that it's bizarre that someone from Clinton would think his or her town is spelled "Clintin." Also, the fake tree might go faster if it didn't say it was "artifitial," and those pallets might go if you didn't call them "pallots." They perhaps are getting mistaken for a member of the onion family rather than wooden support frames.

Never say there's no such thing as a free can of disinfectant

Hurry and grab this one before the person changes his or her mind. Someone in Framingham bought a caravan from a local school bus company, and under the caravan's seat sat a "partially used" can of spray disinfectant. If you're willing to pick it up, it's free to you. It's one way to battle the rising cost of disinfectant ... and surrounding smells. 

This guy needs a ride to Westborough five days a week

Paul will pay gas money if you can get him from Clinton to Westborough Monday through Friday. He's taking classes from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Allure looking for hair stylist

Allure Hair Salon moved to a bigger and better place in Northborough, and now has room to hire another hair stylist with a class I license.

There will be a kid your age there

He told you that in the sandbox, and he's telling you now. This "modern gentleman" from Westborough does sound quite charming, and is looking for a new friend or two. Platonic, of course. "I am the proverbial modern gentleman, stop by (email) and we can talk food, drink, art, sports, etc. Anything that requires intelligent thought and reveals something about you."

Soccer dad seeks soccer mom in this mixed message message

In the "platonic" section of Craigslist personals, a Natick self-proclaimed "soccer dad" is looking for a soccer mom to chat with, but "possibly more." He's married and "not looking to change our situation...just looking for a new friend." A new friend with "possibly more" in tow? If you're a soccer mom who is interested, "be local and ready to chat." Don't call up and sit silently. That won't work.

Python from an amazing bloodline

A person in Milford is looking to sell a Bumblebee Ball Python from an "amazing bloodline" for $400. He won't answer numbers he doesn't know, but he will call you right back. "Pictures do not do justice for this girl," he writes.

This girl's getting too big for her own tank

A family in Westborough is looking to diversify its fishtank, and their female albino tiger oscar has gotten too big to allow for that. In fact, she is six inches, and apparently they are not too attached to this pet. This sweet fish is only $20.

PauleyKing January 03, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Charlene, you made my day! ...as a matter of fact, you always make my day...good job. PK


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