5 Things Hopkinton Wants For Christmas

Here are some things Hopkinton residents are looking for in the next year. Did we miss something? Add it to the comments.

The Christmas season is a time of the year where people focus on giving back to the community and giving gifts to other people. Today however, we’re focusing on what the town of Hopkinton should be receiving. Here’s a list of five things Hopkinton wants under its Christmas tree.

1. Better Athletic Facilities: This was a biggie on Hopkinton Patch's Facebook. One reader suggested turf at the High School football fields and an ice rink at Fruit Street. Another reader was looking for a swimming pool.

2. Safer Pedestrian Walkways:  Hopkinton is runner friendly one day a year, but for the other 364 days pedestrians have some trouble getting around. Sidewalks on Ash Street and a crosswalk light on Pleasant Street were suggestions on Facebook.

3. School, Administration Solutions: Center School and Elmwood School are both aging and the town is looking for solutions with a newly formed committee. The school leaders are also looking for a new Superintendent and new principals for the High School and Center School.

4. Completed Growth Projects: Hopkinton Square is complete and should be fully opened within the next few months. On the other end of town Legacy Farms construction is well under and the first housing units should be opening in the spring. Final construction won't be completed on Legacy Farms for several years.

5. A Marathon Winner: There is a winner in Hopkinton every year on Patriots' Day but maybe this year the winner will be from Hopkinton. It's nice to dream at least.


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