Hopkinton Hero: Mrs K at Hopkinton Public Library

Grade 4's Rebecca Wood pick public librarian Denise Kofron as her hero for encouraging imagination!

My Hopkinton hero is Denise Kofron (a.k.a Mrs K) at the library.

I chose this lady because she has made a difference in the community, particularly the children

. Mrs. K has helped kids read and write.

She provides fun shows to occupy kids, for example puppet shows, crafts and story time and has fun themes for the holidays.

These are just a few of ways Mrs. K entertains young minds, and draws children to the library.

I know she has taught me a lesson to let my imagination wander.

She knows the books so well, she will know what you’ll enjoy.

Mrs. K has helped me many times choose just the right book.

By making going to the library fun, I think more children will read books. That is why I have chosen Mrs. K.

- Rebecca Wood is in Mrs. Shenson's class


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