Hopkinton Residents Visit Milford's Louisa Lake

Hopkinton has beautiful outdoor areas but nearby Louisa Lake in Milford is an out-of-town spot you may not have tried.

After what seems like the toughest winter in years, Hopkinton residents are starting to reappear on sidewalks and in public parks.

At Milford's Louisa Lake, the bike path is clear of snow for the most part, and the water is starting to reappear from its covering of ice. Last week, the recreation oasis attracted a steady flow of runners, dog walkers and bicyclists, including a group from Hopkinton.

 So the turning weather and the trip out of town to visit a new recreation spot make  Louisa Lake this week's Great Escape for Hopkinton.

The lake's swans are starting to swoon over each other again. The benches are available for quiet contemplation. Take a moment and spend some time outdoors.

Maybe not Thursday. Unless you bring your skis.


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