Looks Like a Wet Week in Hopkinton

My galllows laugh when the TV icons for weather showed no sun all week was shushed by my wife.

I used to coach the youth soccer team my daughter was on.

One Saturday it rained and the fellow I coached with saw that the girls, then 14 And 15, had reacted to the splashing on the field. The next time it rained, before the game, he had them go out and roll on the wet grass. 

When they showed some hesitation, he rolled on the wet grass. I rolled on the wet grass.

We were the type of team who didn't use our pop-up, except as a way to get out of the sun. 

My coaching buddy, by the way, was the best-loved girls soccer coach in town. We won more than we lost, and it was always a pleasure, never a chore. 

So faced with a forecast of rain for the rest of the week, that's my suggestion. Don't roll on the ground! But don't mind getting wet today. Get used to it. From the forecast, it's going to be wet all week.


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