Loose Dog Spotted Near Oak Street in Holliston

One patch reader reported a black dog with light markings is loose in the area.

Have you lost a dog in Holliston recently?

One Patch reader reported that she has seen a black dog with light spots near Oak Street in Holliston.

"I have spotted this dog (about the size of a lab but thinner) several times in the last week in the Oak Street area in Holliston," Sandy Beccia posted on the Holliston Patch Facebook wall.

According to Beccia, the dog has been out throughout some of the worst weather of the past week.

"I would post a pic but they were brief sightings. I feel bad for this pup because it's lousy out and I've seen him during the day and at night."

Julie Pontremoli February 25, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Has anyone tried approaching the dog or calling the dog officer? If you have seen the dog out in bad weather, why not, A: Take it in or B: Call the Dog Officer?
Mikala Derubeis February 26, 2013 at 02:25 AM
My neighbor sent me this article as my dog has gotten loose several times over the last month. We live near oak st. And my dog is half black lab half beagle meeting this description. His name is jasper and has a red collar. Unfortunately with all the snow our electric fence doesn't work. Jasper is very smart and love able and loves to explore. The second he gets out without a leash he takes off...my kids have accidentally let him out dozens of times and its really annoying searching for him with an infant in tow! The only thing is, over school vacation week he only got loose once and it was in the evening. If you ever happen to see him please call me 508-429-2463 I would greatly appreciate it!
Mikala Derubeis February 26, 2013 at 04:01 AM
One more thing I would like to add, thank you sandy for caring enough to post this! We are currently only using the front door to avoid the back slider from being left open, you don't know how many panic attacks I've had over this little rascal jasper! He loves playing in the snow but I can't wait for it to melt so he can roam freely WITHIN the yard.


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