The Top 10 Highest Paid Public Employees in Holliston

Ever wonder which town employees are making the most money?

The following is a list of the highest paid public employees in Holliston for the 2011 calendar year. The dollar amounts include additional pay from details and overtime.

Information was provided by the town treasurer. 

1. Bradford Jackson, Superintendant of Holliston Schools, $168,221.29

2. Glenn Dalyrmple, Sgt. at Holliston Police Department, $124,939.79

3. Michael Cournoyer, Principal at Holliston High School, $122,834.92

4. Keith Edison, Lt. at Holliston Police Department, $121,571.12 

5. Peter Botelho, Principal at Adams Middle School, $119,314.00

6. Linda Weene, Principal at Placentino Middle School, $118,699.53

7. Keith Buday, Business Manager of Holliston Schools, $114,384.47

8. David Keim, Principal at Miller Elementary School, $113,823.06

9. Marc Bender, Assistant Principal at Holliston High School, $113,763.24

10. Sandra Einsel, Student Services Director of Holliston Schools, $113,561.50


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