Top Local DVDs: 'Rite' does Wrong to 'Gnomeo & Juliet'

Exorcism horror tale pushes cute, animated garden gnomes over the edge on Redbox list.

These are the top 10 local Redbox rentals for the past seven days.

There is a Redbox at Hopkinton's Cumberland Farms, 71 W. Main St.

The list conatins nine of the 10 DVDs since we last published it, though most have switched places. 

Just Go With It is still No. 1 and a new horror entry at No. 5 knocked Gnomeo and Juliet out of the Top 10 to No. 11.

1. Just Go With It

Adam Sandler enlists Jennifer Anniston to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife. Didn't Brad Pitt already do that? PG-13 for crude language, sexual content, partial nudity and brief drug references. 

2. Battle: Los Angeles

Earth is attacked by unknown forces. Los Angeles becomes the last stand for mankind. PG-13 for violence, destruction and language. 

3. The Dilemma

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James star in a Ron Howard comedy. Also starring Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah.  PG-13 for thematic elements. 

4. True Grit

The varieties of sandpaper at Hopkinton Lumber? No. Fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross's father is murdered so she convinces U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to find his killer. PG-13 for Western violence and disturbing images. With Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Hailee Steinfeld. How does Western violence differ from Eastern violence?

5. The Rite

Anthony Hopkins, an expert at acting creepy or heroic, gets to try both in this horror flick about exorcism based on true events. Rated PG-13 for theme, violence, frightening images and language.

6. I Am Number Four

Slips to No. 6. Nine alien teenagers escape the destruction of their home planet and are hunted by non-humans on Earth. PG-13 for violence, action and language. 

7. No Strings Attached

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher start out with lust and move on to love. Rated R.

8. Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage is an undead felon who breaks out of hell to avenge his murdered daughter and rescue her kidnapped baby. Rated R.

9. The Mechanic

Jason Statham plays an assassin whose buddy is killed. He gets revenge.  Rated R. 

10. The Roomate

Minka Kelly plays a girl who arrives at college and everything's great - new romance, cool roommate played by Leighton Meester. Then things turn creepy. Rated R.

(List supplied by Red Box rentals for the 01748 area code.)

If you're looking for some fun with movie quotes, check out Erika Olson on Red Blog, the official blog of Redbox

What movies do these come from:

“It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.” 

"So Crates: The only true wisdom consists in knowing … that you know nothing. That’s us, dude!”

(an easy one) “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”


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