Here We Go Again

Are higher taxes the way to go?

Here we go again. Our elected officials on Beacon Hill are once again talking about raising our taxes. It was just two short years ago legislators raised the sales tax by 25 percent.  Did that money increase local aid or put people back to work? No. It just went into the general fund.

We are in a deep recession. Many of our neighbors and family members are unemployed, under employed or fearful of losing their jobs. Families are making tough decisions on their finances. Our state government should not continue to add to the burden. 

Unfortunately, the discussion on Beacon Hill is not focused on whether or not to raise taxes, but rather on which ones to hike. So far, we have heard talk of increasing cigarette and gas taxes while creating a new tax on sugar products.  They want to tax children’s lollipops. Let’s not forget that they are also considering raising MBTA fares. 

We need legislators who will fight for the taxpayers.

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Ralph Zazula February 13, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Taxes are for All. I am not a Holliston resident. I did grow up spending my summers on Lake Winthrop. I stay informed of what happens in the Holliston of my youth. There are other reasons for my interest. My cousin lives in town. We get to talk about current events. Like my cousin, I am a convert to the GOP mostly for financial reasons. The wasteful and corrupt spending on the part of Democrats is more than just a shame, it is harmful to many families across the state. Families that cannot continue to afford their middle class lives. Some are forced to move to more affordable locations. My cousin is Marty Lamb. I may not live in Holliston, but I know who Carolyn Dykema is. I know she wants to raise my taxes. She wants me to pay more to buy gasoline, buy food, buy anything effected by sales tax increases. She wants me to pay more to drink water, dispose of trash, or use any service in MY community. In short, Carolyn Dykema may not be MY representative, but she votes to raise MY taxes and MY fees every chance she gets. I may not be be in district, but I do care about who Holliston votes for. Yes, I like my cousin and know that he is great guy. But it is Dykema's spending and taxing that has me paying attention. I want to ask everyone to help me and so many other people across the state by voting for Marty Lamb instead of big spending incumbents. I appreciate that the Patch allows me to stay informed and share my views, even if I am not a resident, but just another victim.
Carolyn Dykema February 22, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Dear Ms. Haffty/Zazula, I'm glad that you were able to enjoy your childhood on the shores of Holliston's lovely Lake Winthrop. It is a beautiful place. With respect to comments in your post, you may find the following of interest: • Your income taxes, and those of all MA residents, will be going down this year from 5.3% to 5.25%. • Corporate income taxes will go down this year, to 8.25%, from 9.5% in 2009. • Transportation expenses will decrease by approx. $2b over 20 years because of restructuring by the legislature in 2009. • The state will save $5b over the next 30 years from reforms to state pensions enacted by the legislature last year. • Municipalities have already saved millions of dollars as the result of the municipal health insurance law that the legislature passed last year. • Small businesses will benefit from new health insurance cooperatives and caps on unemployment insurance rates that are the result of legislation passed over the past several years. (continued in next post)
Carolyn Dykema February 22, 2012 at 01:13 AM
(continued from last post) You also reference the sales tax. As you may remember, back in 2009, the tolls on the Mass Turnpike were going to increase dramatically to pay for debt costs related to the big dig. Commuters from the communities I represent were going to be unfairly burdened with paying for this debt through toll increases, even though the project clearly has state-wide benefits. During the FY2010 budget, I joined a coalition of legislators that fought to make sure toll fares would no longer be used for big dig debt and pushed for a more equitable solution to meeting the state’s big dig debt obligations. The increase in the sales tax, which I supported, was the result; it ensures that responsibility for paying big dig debt is shared across the state - not just put unfairly on the shoulders of my constituents and those of other Pike communities. It is a question of basic fairness. I’m sure the State Representative from your community would also appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns. Sincerely, Carolyn Dykema
Ralph Zazula February 27, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Representative Dykema, Thank you for your comments. Your defense left me feeling like you were trying to manipulate the public view. There are many different ways to tax, lots of opportunities to spend those taxpayer dollars, and just as many ways to cheat the public. Raising a few points is cute, but it does not address my point that you and your legislative cronies are part of a tax & spend crowd that is ruing the state. You can always find a good reason for higher taxes. You can also find a good tax accountant to make sure you pay as little as possible.
Kelly Roney February 27, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Shorter Ralph: Don't bother me with facts. Nonetheless, some additional facts about how Democrats have ruined Massachusetts, birthplace of the Revolution and home of the truly patriotic 1773 Boston Tea Party: 1. Massachusetts has such high state and local taxes we pay a LOWER proportion of our income than the US average. Mediumtaxachusetts just doesn't roll off the tongue, does it? 2. Every single major technological advance of the past 30 years has taken root here in Massachusetts - computers, biotech, and green energy - all because nearly everyone in the state, mainstream Republicans included, values education. 3. In exchange for our tax dollars, we're number 1 in public education. 4. We're by far number 1 in universal health care, using a plan that originated from the conservative Heritage Foundation, way back in 1994 before the Tea Partiers bullied the GOP out of even claiming they support universal health care. 5. We have low crime, low teen pregnancy, and low divorce rates. As I heard a Democratic Congressman say not long ago when he listed many of these facts, it's no wonder Tea Party Republicans don't want our record of success to spread. If Massachusetts is ruined by being NUMBER ONE, it's really hard to know what would satisfy Tea Partiers. Sorry I went on so long, but Carolyn Dykema is exactly the kind of person - thoughtful, conscientious, hard-working, constructive - that we want in the legislature. And voters who live in the district know that.


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