A Hopkinton Folk Artist is Our Pick of the Week

Who's following us on Twitter and Facebook, and who should you be following?

At Patch we love to be social, dinner in town is social, coffee in the morning is social, even sitting in the library typing this can be a social experience with the librarians and other patrons.

In honor of all things social we want to take this time to talk about social media; one of the ways that we communicate.

If you didn’t know yet, we’re on Facebook with 224 likes and on Twitter we have 196 followers. If you haven’t already, give us a like or follow us to stay up to date on some things that may not make it on to the site.

Did you know that we’re also on foursquare? Friend Hopkinton Patch to find out where we are and what we’re working on.

This week on our social media pages we had a lot of mentions about the snowstorm, or lack there of. We even posted a picture of all the snow in Hopkinton. Maybe next week we can get the first measurable snow of the year.

Social media page of the week. This week our page of the week belongs to Barbara Kessler. Kessler is a folk artist that has lived in town for several years and has been active in the performance art group Enter Stage Left. Kessler is releasing her new album What You Keep. She’s have a private release party tonight for people that helped her pledge drive to raise money for marketing the CD. Keep an eye open for a full story on Kessler early next week.


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