Hooray for Social Media

Who's following us on Twitter and Facebook, and who should you be following?

At Patch we love to be social, dinner in town is social, coffee in the morning is social, even sitting in the library typing this can be a social experience with the librarians and other patrons.

In honor of all things social we want to take this time to talk about social media; one of the ways that we communicate.

If you didn’t know yet, we’re on Facebook with 225 likes and on Twitter we have 199 followers.If you haven’t already, give us a like or follow us to stay up to date on some things that may not make it on to the site.

This week or Facebook Page conversation revloved around the from the middle school curriculum. On twitter word really got around about What you Keep.

Social media page of the week. This week we felt it was right to give a plug for the . Not only is that where most of the writing you see on Patch gets done but the library has lots of great events. They announce all of their events on Facebook and they update with any changes that will be made to their hours. Keep an eye on the site today to see if they are going to be open all day with the snowstorm. The library has 233 likes, and they're posting a lot of great information about the fundraising effort by the .


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