LETTER:All Parents Should be Asked about 1:1

Although 21st century learning is important not all residents think the decision is being made properly.

Submitted by Jackie Potenzone

Dear Editor:

I am opposed to the current 1 -1 laptop program being presented to the current 8th grade as a program that may ultimately be implemented at Hopkinton High School. I am a Hopkinton parent who supports of our educational system. I encourage 21 st century learning.

Asking a small minority of citizens (the incoming 8th grade parents) to support a plan that ultimately we all will have to pay a fee for as citizens to educate our children in public school is unjust. Is this even legal? Can the town implement a program that mandates future spending of parents without asking for town wide approval? I as a parent want to be able to make a decision about the future of my child's education. This plan as it is being presented does not allow the majority of us to have our voices heard in a major change to our educational system.

I urge the Hopkinton High School principal and the School Committee to reevaluate the program and allow all Hopkinton residents to have a voice. This is a decision being made by a minority telling me this is the best education model for our children that I don't support or agree with.

Why can't we look at viable lower cost options in the High School such as iPad.

If you want to implement a technology program I support that if it is brought to the citizens with a plan for town wide acceptance. Also, the schools should incorporate the cost in the budget as a cost to the school system. The maintenance of a program of this magnitude will ultimately be administered by the town and taxpayers. We will have to hire additional staff to support this program and keep the technology current. This will be an additional burden on the tax payers in future. A tax burden we had no voice in.

This plan needs to have more conversation with all citizens before being approved. Do we all want to pay this fee as citizens? This will be another form of "No taxation without representation" by the town. There must be more discussions on this program and town-wide acceptance.

I urge all citizens to get involved in the process.

Jackie Potenzone




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