LETTER: Dykema's Daycare Decision Hurts Local Women

Daycare unionization has made one voter decide to vote for Marty Lamb.

Dear Editor, 

Government regulations are hurting our local businesses.  I was disappointed to learn that Rep. Dykema voted to force home daycare centers into a state employee union.  She’ll say they are not forced, but the state takes the money out of the voucher whether they join or not.  These are small women owned home daycares that are being hurt. 

These small businesses have opposed being in the SEIU for 8 years.  Instead of the legislature accepting that decision, they passed legislation to force them to pay union dues.  

Rep. Dykema’s vote was anti-small business.  The large corporate daycare centers like Kindercare are exempt. 

Worse yet, it will cause the rates for parents to increase, and moreso cause them to close their doors.  This hurts parents and children who rely on trusty local daycares.

On November 6th we can do better.  Vote Marty Lamb for State Representative. 

Donald Folkes

Southborough, MA

Kelly Roney November 01, 2012 at 03:56 PM
We just tell the truth, and you can't handle it. This bill is specific to family daycares that take state vouchers. The owners of these daycares would become part of the union if they choose to, and they would only choose to join if it benefits their small businesses.
Kelly Roney November 01, 2012 at 03:57 PM
If this were awful, no way Carolyn would have voted for it. Your claim that it is proves you don't understand it - or that you're cutting and pasting from the Lamb playbook without a thought.
Kelly Roney November 01, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Hardly anyone in this district is affected. As Darlene said, only three daycares here accept state vouchers. State vouchers don't pay very much, so the children of working parents who can't afford much care don't get much care. Demographically, these kids underachieve later, when they're in school, and it costs us tons of money to try to catch them up - if it's even possible. But we want to catch them up, since that's how to strengthen an economy that's built on people, not natural resources. The idea of this new law is to allow a small set of daycares to negotiate better pay rates in exchange for better education and staffing. In the long run, it's intended to improve early childhood vocabulary building, for example, and to save us all money and advance the human potential of these children. Why not simply legislate more money and higher standards? Then there's no way to negotiate these incrementally, and the legislature has to intervene constantly and is always at risk for imposing small business burdens and for paying too much. This is likely to be better for these family daycares, but it's their decision. So, fair, voluntary, pursues a vital public policy goal, and looks to the future.
Darlene Hayes November 01, 2012 at 04:54 PM
K Napolitano, Please state facts the have presidence on the 8th district. Off the 3 daycares in the 8th district that accept state voucher assistance which ones are closing their doors? NONE, What mother's are left on the short end? NONE If they were we would see them in the press and not you or a friend of friend chatter. I elect a state rep based on MY backyard and Dykema is a wonderful ambassador and advocate for issues in the 8th district.
Darlene Hayes November 01, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Kelly, Lets refrain from name calling, its not worth the energy to lower ourselves to their smear campaign that is twisted with false half truths and gimmicks it makes me want a barf bag. Let them do the name calling and bashing. Realize they know the election is only 5 days away, it will stop in 5 days when they realize they backed a party and not a community canidate.


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