LETTER: Encouraging Neighborly Behavior

Being a good neighbor usually is a two way street, but residents from one Hopkinton neighborhood feel they are getting a one-way deal.

Submitted by Peter Theran

Recently there has been friction between the residents of Chamberlain Street (in Hopkinton) and the connected community of Charlesview Estates with the management of the Sanctuary Lane community.  

With school back in session the residents would like to be able to walk their children to Hopkins School, which backs up to Sanctuary Lane, by the short wooded path to the school off Sanctuary Lane. The management of Sanctuary Lane will not allow them to access this path because they believe home construction creates a safety issue. This seems unreasonable and excessively cautious on their part, especially after the years of construction noise and heavy equipment traffic the project has created in the neighborhood. The Chamberlain Street community has welcomed the residents of Sanctuary Lane to our neighborhood, including them in our big Halloween ritual each year, and would like to see a more neighborly approach to this.  At a minimum they could offer to accomodate the kids access to the path at a date in the future when they believe the construction will not pose a risk. 

Peter Theran


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