LETTER: No One More Dedicated than Dykema

One Holliston resident says Rep. Dykema understands the real needs of the district.

Submitted by Warren Chamberlain

I have known Carolyn Dykema for more than ten years and have had the distinct honor and pleasure of serving with her in a variety of civic functions and community services. 

I have never met an elected pubic servant that is more dedicated to her district and all the different constituents that reside in our district. 

She is a full time legislator that has the time and takes the time to visit all her constituents. 

She has done her home work and knows and understands the real needs of business owners, agriculturalists, community planners and how we need to proceed in providing the necessary infrastructure for economic growth in our district and the general Metro West region, while preserving and protecting our environment and historical heritage. 

Warren Chamberlain 
Holliston Planning Board

Kelly Roney November 04, 2012 at 10:12 PM
If you want a continued record of accomplishment and service, re-elect Carolyn Dykema. She has earned our trust - in her integrity, in her commitment, and in her careful insight into representing all of us.
Anne Babcock November 05, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I agree with Kelly Roney's Nov. 4 comment. I actually live in a town represented by Carolyn and am very happy with her representation. I have personally witnessed her tireless advocacy for education and business interests in my community. She is an experienced legislator who has demonstrated integrity, commitment, and availability. She also gives a voice to women, who are substantially under-represented in our legislature (women make up half the state's population but are outnumbered by men by 3 to 1 in our state legislature). Rep. Dykema has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and cost control, as demonstrated in her recent vote in favor of a bi-partisan bill to control healthcare costs and create savings for families, seniors and small businesses. I believe every vote in every election ought to be about individual voters responsibly exercising their right to cast a ballot for the best individual to fill a particular political post, and that legislators like Carolyn, who are doing a great job, should be rewarded for their efforts. For all of these reasons, I will proudly cast my vote for Rep. Dykema.


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