LETTER: Scott Brown, Ladies Man

Scott Brown's record on women's equality are enough for one Patch reader to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Submitted by Dan Quigley, Hopkinton Resident

I’m a feminist, plain and simple. The true meaning of feminism is simply that one believes women and men should be represented and treated as equals. Who would dispute that?

But as many of us know, women are still not being paid the same as men for equal work or being offered the same opportunities to advance their careers. Of course, this is not because women dedicate less to their work, but because of discrimination and business culture. These issues cannot be left for businesses to self-correct, because after centuries of American business, women still make 77 cents to every man’s dollar.

Scott Brown, in addition to opposing multiple jobs bills, voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help to close the gender gap in wages. He claims that the current law is sufficient and that additional laws would be an unreasonable burden on businesses. But the current laws have been around for so long, we can safely assume that at this point, they aren’t doing enough. And Brown’s dismissal of women’s rights doesn’t just appear in this most recent vote.

Brown co-sponsored the (thankfully) failed “Blunt Amendment,” which would have allowed employers and insurers to deny health benefits to anyone based on “moral” opposition or beliefs. This, as Elizabeth Warren rightly pointed out, would have permitted the denial of contraception as well as other important benefits to women and families. It was written so broadly that it would have allowed for extreme flexibility in denying health coverage.

If you turn on any local channel, you are likely to see a commercial featuring Brown’s family and claims that he “understands women.” Apparently, the Brown campaign believes that simply being near women makes you their champion. I would argue that Elizabeth Warren is the real champion of not only women but all families and individuals in Massachusetts. She not only supports the rights of all groups, but also the safety of the middle class, the fair regulation of wall street, and the fundamental right of everyone to have a good education. I hope Hopkinton and Holliston will support those values, rather than Scott Brown’s appalling voting record.

Austin Powers July 09, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Anyone that believes these misrepresentations should read Scott's book and ask his wife how Scott is on womens issues. Senator Brown voted against that law because it was flawed. Typical of the democratic rhetoric that has Mr. Quigley voting for Lizzy Warren the "savior" of the middle class. Sounds like she has a God complex like another democrat we know
Dan Quigley July 09, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I think you're missing the point. It's about discrimination, not an unfair leveling of wages. Women face discrimination in wages and that is a FACT, not an opinion. It's about people next to each other in an office or in a factory that see discrimination. You make it sound like the argument is somehow that people in totally different situations get the same wage, which is simply a straw man argument.
Dan Quigley July 09, 2012 at 06:15 PM
I respect your opinions on Scott Brown even though I disagree, but I do wonder what you think about the many, many jobs bills Brown has voted against that would have helped people in the Commonwealth as well as the rest of the country.
Dan Quigley July 09, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Try looking at Warren's career, and speak to her, and see what she has done. She does not and has not ever needed to cheat her way to anything. She is an outstandingly smart individual and the only reason you think she cannot be trusted is because the Brown campaign has spent ALL ITS TIME pushing non-issue based rhetoric - doesn't sound very honest to me.
Mary Griswold July 09, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Many of the bills introduced in the Senate by Democrats in the past year have contained 'poison pills' put in there so that the Republicans would not vote for the bills and the Democrats would have a talking point. It's an old game. Please read through the bills you are complaining that Scott Brown did not support and look for the poison pills. I don't agree with all of the votes Scott Brown has cast, but I believe that he is voting his conscience on what is best for the people he represents--regardless of which party he aligns with. I don't think Elizabeth Warren would be willing to cross party lines for the sake of the people of Massachusetts. I will be voting for Scott Brown in November.
Austin Powers July 09, 2012 at 07:05 PM
She Was Flipping homes because she is a fraud and a member of the 1% she purportedly reviles! Class warfare is how these Democrats get elected and the poor outcome is that the middle class gets ground further into the ground. Far to many voter (IMO) don't see the big picture. There were people marching in parades this weekend the dems had like 40 with them and repubs had like 10. The difference was the repubs had 10 people that actually supported them, the Dems has union employees that were getting paid! What a farce.
Austin Powers July 09, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Good got you Rebecca!
Leonard C Mead July 09, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Scott Brown ain't perfect -- as a conservative I've spoken at Tea Party rallies expressing that if he keeps voting the way Lie-Awatha Warren would vote, we'll vote him OUT OF OFFICE the same way we voted him in. But compared to Warren, voters who still want opportunity - lower taxes -- more jobs, less regulation so our great country can start growing again have only one sane voting choice. That's for BROWN. Voting for Warren only makes sense if you want less jobs, higher taxes, more regulation, weaker defense and more government control over your lives. Len Mead
MA Voter July 09, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Mary, You took the words right out of my comment! EW is just another rubber stamp for whatever the D leadership wants.
Iron Mike July 09, 2012 at 09:13 PM
All: There is NO SUCH THING as a 'Jobs Bill'! If you even THINK there is, you've been snookered by the career crooks [er, ~ politicians]. The ONLY 'jobs' government can create are GOVERNMENT jobs, which puts us taxpayers on the hook for the life of those workers and their families. What we want is for government to clear the path so business and industry feels good about STARTING HERE, or EXPANDING HERE. 40+ years of Democrat control of the Mass Legislature has thoroughly scared off any job that could be loaded onto a truck and shipped south, or to Mexico, - or to China. The Federal Government has helped speed up the exodus with the EPA, the IRS, and the EEOC. All were based on 'good intentions', - but ALL were carried to extremes. Now with those industries in China we have ZERO control. Women's rights in China? Equal pay? Forgetaboutit! Over the next four years we either come to our senses and loosen the iron grip of government from the throat of business, - or we'll pretty much look like Greece and France. Lizzy Warren is exactly like the crowds gathered at the guillotine in the streets of Paris in 1793. She's ranting about the rich and shouting 'off with their heads!' She never created a private sector job in her life!
Ann Green July 09, 2012 at 09:34 PM
The 77 cents/$1 statistic is bogus, as are most statistics that don't tell the whole story. Any so-called gap that exists is because women drop out of the workforce or work part-time to care for their children. There is legislation and there are agencies to deal with discrimination when it exists. Also, no one is going to be denied contraceptives. They are very available and very cheap. What is being done is to prevent the government from forcing people to go against their religious beliefs in these matters.
Iris July 09, 2012 at 09:36 PM
While I like both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren-I am going to have to vote for Warren because Scott Brown has sided with the conservative Republicans on far too many issues which makes him toxic for me. His record on women's issues is abysmal. I am from the South originally and if any of you really believe that you have alot in common with a conservative Republican in the South well, I have some land in Lousiana to sell you because you have no idea what you are supporting at the national level. If you don't mind Massachusetts looking like Mississippi or Alabama then go ahead and vote for Brown. I wish he had been more independent as a Senator-that was my hope-but he just did not step up to the plate and show true independence in his voting. It is a shame that he reflects values that most citizens of the Commonwealth just don't share. If you are racist, if you hate government in all shapes and forms, you are ok with child poverty and homelessness, hate the environment, and really believe big business will solve all your problems then vote for the GOP. BTW, MA's unemployment is only 6.8% currently so really this state is doing very well compared to places like Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. It is really not about the quality of either person. This is about the makeup of the Senate and the larger issues that the nation faces which the GOP simply cannot manage since they are nihlistic in their attitude towards government in the first place.
Iron Mike July 09, 2012 at 09:56 PM
JUST last week Airbus announced a $600 Million assembly plant to be built in Mobile, Alabama. Gee, I wonder why they didn't think to put it at Hanscom or Westover...? So a conservative is 'toxic' to you,...but a career liar [fake Cherokee / fudged research] is 'OK'...because of 'women's issues'. How about all the women in China who can only have one baby [and it better be a boy]? How about all the women across the Islamic world who are brutalized, circumcised, and stoned to death? Frankly Ma-am, I'd rather have Massachusetts look like a vibrant and growing Alabama than a dying Europe!
Jake Tanner July 09, 2012 at 10:45 PM
So let me get this straight, the supporters for the Harvard elitist sweetheart Liz is railing against Scott Brown over discrimination, equality and unfair wages? The same woman who "checked the box" for minority status as Native American. In doing so, she not only denied the pursuit of equality and fair wages to other minority women but also knowingly committed fraud by misrepresenting herself as a discriminated minotity group. The hypocracy of this woman is second to none. I don't know who on her campaign is being paid to release these "opinion topics" but might want to read it back to yourself or get an objective proof reader to check and see how absurd it really sounds before posting it.
SJohnson July 09, 2012 at 11:21 PM
I have issues with SO many things in this LTE. One issue I have is with the writer's definition of 'feminism'. I've always wondered why the leftist feminists attack strong women if they are on the Republican side but not if they are on the left. I guess feminism is what you want it to be (or what the main stream media has made it). Same goes for Scott Brown. I am a woman and definitely will VOTE for SCOTT BROWN. The left makes him out to be such a bad man when, in reality, he is truly an independent thinker. He DOESN'T vote the way the majority votes. He has a brain and uses it. He votes for bills that will help people not just give hand outs. I agree with his stance on contraceptives. Religious people and institutions should NOT go against their teachings. There are thousands of places women can get contraceptives, they are given out like candy! No need to make them more accessible. GO SCOTT, GO!!
JD Davis July 10, 2012 at 12:04 AM
On a rainy day, an little Elizabeth goes to her chief and asks, "Chief, how do you name all the people of our tribe?" The Chief replies,"Oh, it quite easy. When baby born, I look first thing I see moving in wilderness, and name baby just that." "How so?" asks Elizabeth. "Well," replies the Chief, "if I see coyote running in field, I name baby Running Coyote, if I see an eagle flying, I name baby Flying Eagle." "Oh, I see now" says Elizabeth. Then the Chief turns to Elizabeth and says, "Well, why do you ask, Bull Sh_tting?"
Charles. Garbarino July 10, 2012 at 01:05 AM
JD Davis. That was great! Back to the issue and it is credibility. Elizabeth Warren flat out does not have any credibility after her impersonating an American Indian. She should have met with those real Cherokee Indians and come clean in the beginning. She is an opportunist to say the least and could not do what was necessary when her “Game” was up. She can’t hold a candle to the integrity of Senator Scott Brown. "Truth Matters, Character is an issue, and one person can make a difference." My one difference will be to vote for Scott Brown and not for the Indian imposter!
Donald King July 10, 2012 at 04:47 AM
I LIKE CAPS LOCK,TOO. I'm going to tackle this point-by-point. First point: misinterpreted. your argument is misplaced. Second point: The evidence is irrelevant. Better positioned in a discussion geared towards racial discussion. Third point: No one has to go to Harvard. And does making 350k a year preclude her from knowledge of the problems faced by the middle class? Fourth point: Well IF the charges were "LONG-SIMMERING," were there any REAL charges BROUGHT against them? Fifth point: If Warren is railing against foreclosed homes, she appears to not understand lending. But she does understand at least some semblance of business sense by flipping the houses that have been foreclosed. It's a lucrative market, and a fairly stable source of income during economic downturns. She's taking advantage of an opportunity, not being a hypocrite. Closing: Everyone IS TALKING about class. Not just Democrats. That's misleading and divisive speech.
Iris July 10, 2012 at 01:30 PM
Iron Mike, Alabama's unemployment is still much higher than Massachusetts at 7.4% and several European biotech firms have located in the Boston area lately so what is your point? Did you know that child poverty in Alabama is over 28% and that at least 20% of Alabamians are on food stamps? Only about 58% of students in Alabama graduate from high school and their schools are known to be some of the worst in the nation. That is why MA attracts high paying tech jobs and not the low end manufacturing jobs or meat processing jobs that Alabama gets. I personally like some parts of Alabama and the people can be very kind but when I was traveling with my 1SG on military duty (who was black) there were times that I thought we were going to be lynched simply because we were seen riding in a car together, I am not sure when you were in Alabama or Europe last but, quite frankly, this area resembles western Europe a lot more than Alabama. It is true that Alabama has much lower taxes and a cheaper standard if living which is what a lot of people want but it also has very high crime rates and much higher poverty. If you are ok with that then go for it. I am not sure at all what your points on female circumcision and China's one child policy are. I don't support either policy and I don't know any US political candidate who does. I will tell you that having served over 20 years in the military that we aren't going to change these attitudes through going to war.
Iris July 10, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Also for those of you who don't really understand the state of women's health support in the country, there is not a lot of helath care for poor women in these southern States. There is literally one planned parenthood clinic left in all of Mississippi and that one may be forced to close soon. For all of you who think "good ridance" to that. 92% of planned parenthood actitivies involve health screenings, birth control, pap smears and mamograms. It is not some "abortion mill" as the Right has aledged. If you think it is ok for MA women to have access to all these services but who cares about the rest of the women in America then I can see why you would support Scott Brown. On the issue of "forcing" religious people to support things their religions oppose I would ask you how you support Catholics paying taxes at all. The Catholic Church was opposed to the war in Iraq. It also opposes the death penalty yet your tax dollars go directly in funding these activities. These issues are addressed far more in the Bible by Jesus who never once discussed borth control or abortion. I am personally not in favor of abortion but I am realistic to know that it will happen regardless of whether it is lawful or not. The way to reduce abortions is through education, easy and free access to contraception and support for the women and children once the babies are born. European countries have significantly lower rates of abortion and teen pregnancy because they engage the issuethis way
Iris July 10, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Brown has not been independent in the least. When Brown had the opportunity to oppose Republican obstruction in the U.S. Senate and demonstrate bipartisan leadership, he voted overwhelmingly with his Republican colleagues. This finding runs directly counter to Republican Scott Brown's recent claims of bipartisanship. Brown voted with the GOP at a rate of over 75% (over 93% prior to Warren's entry into the Senate race) to block legislation that had the support of 50 or more Senators, Some Bills he voted against: •9/28/10: S. 3816, Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act (Senate Vote 242) This bill would have given companies a two-year payroll tax holiday on new employees who replace workers doing similar jobs overseas, as well as revoked provisions of the tax code that encourage companies to outsource their workforce. 5/4/11: S. 493, Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer Reauthorization Act of 2011 (Senate Vote 64) 5/17/11: S. 940, Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act (Senate Vote 72) 10/20/11: S. 1723, Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act of 2011 (Senate Vote 177) 12/1/11: S. 1917, Middle Class Tax Cut Act of 2011 (Senate Vote 219) 3/29/12: S. 2204, Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act (Senate Vote 63) Brown doesn't want to talk about any of that, but hey, how 'bout them Celtics? Like I said, I personally like both Brown and Warren. I worked with Brown in the NG but his voting record is bad for this country.
Iron Mike July 10, 2012 at 02:03 PM
I was in Alabama last summer - my kid just finished his Freshman year at Auburn. Been to the state since Jump School - Jan 62. Alabama is moving in the RIGHT direction, Mass sinking into European socialism. Heck, our Duh-val governor just refused to approve EBT Card reforms - same as he refused to cooperate with Secure Communities. I am more comfortable with Alabama every time I visit; may retire there. They have two REAL US Senators, not a socialist gigilo and a middle-of-the-roader. As for your beloved Planned Parenthood, I have to assume you are unaware of Margaret Sanger's views on eugenics? PP is in the business of killing off black babies, - any other 'service' they provide is mearly camouflage. Come November I'll hold my Conservative Republican nose and vote for Brown, because I love my country, - and because Dizzy Lizzy belongs in the streets of Paris in 1793.
Iris July 10, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Iron Mike, I am very familiar with Margaret Sanger and her views on everything. I taught history at USMA so I am pretty well versed in these things. Her views on eugenics are often mis-represented by the Right as she only really believed in that application to those women who were mentally handicapped and unable to care for children. Of course, modern Planned Parenthood does not agree with those views nor do I but this idea that she wanted to sterilize African American women to prevent them from having babies is a lie and I hear it quite frequently from the Right. Planned Parenthood is often the ONLY option for poor women in the South to get pap smears, mamograms, and birth control. These are basic health care needs. If the State covered these things then we wouldn't need planned parenthood, now would we? On the issue of Auburn-so sorry your son chose to go there (I am a big BULLDOG fan, LOL!) It is a good school and one thing about Southern universities is that they are much cheaper than the northeast but very few end up staying in the area. There just aren't that many high paying jobs in Alabama. I can be a good deal to retire in the South but I would not raise my children there so what does that say about a State I wonder?
Iris July 10, 2012 at 02:40 PM
I would probably say that Georgia is on the right track with development but the most of the Deep South is lost-maybe for good. Several plants (AAR, Garcy, Steel/Wire Mill, Mayville) have closed in Alabama in the last 5 years (over 36,000 jobs lost-only 2% of those going to China) and Air Bus is only brining 1000 jobs to Mobile. Alabama is also offering Airbus over $100 million in tax breaks and other incentives which I have mixed feelings about. I don't know if it is right to use tax payer money to fund a foreign company. I know they are hoping the long term investment will pay off and I hope it does. Most economists don't see Alabama bouncing back for another 10 years. There is a unique affect in business now called clustering. If you look it up-you will see that Boston and SIlicon Valley are places where "clustering" is taking place. That is why you will not see the MA economy going down anytime soon. I believe the article was in the WSJ-Forbes if you are interested in it. Anyway-most predictions are that Boston is doing great in the future and will continue to prosper in the hightech, bio tech, healthcare, and education. I don't think any national politican is going to change jobs here personally. Anyway, nice to meet a fellow jumper. I went to jump school at FT Benning in 1992 and served in the 101st for 7 years. I used to be in charge of all the Army SERE training at FT Rucker so I traveled down there quite a bit from DC. AIRBORNE!!!!
Iron Mike July 10, 2012 at 02:42 PM
On blacks, immigrants and indigents: "...human weeds,' 'reckless breeders,' 'spawning... human beings who never should have been born." Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people
Iron Mike July 10, 2012 at 02:48 PM
With THAT military background you have no business being a liberal - unless you had a series of exit contacts with the jump door and a series of very bad PLFs resulting in permanent damage to you brain housing group. Please pull your head out of your 4th point of contact!
Iris July 10, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Iron Mike, I am not sure what lines you are refering to in Pivot of Civiliazation. I am not familiar with the quote you came up with here as I have not seen it in her work. Perhaps you could tell me what chapter you are refering to. To clarify some things about Margaret Sanger-she was admantly against abortion. She felt it was dangerous for women and harmful to babies. Remember-she lived in the early 20th century when abortion and pregnancy often ended in the death of the mother. She was anti-immigration but most of the country was when she wrote that book. And she was not advocating for sterilizing anyone except the feeble minded-Planned Parenthood today does not believe this so why bring it up? In 1920 most white americans thought that immigrants and blacks were lesser humans but we don't believe that today so I don't think it is an argument with merit. Sanger believed most of all in birth control to prevent the poverty and deprivations of the world she lived in. If you have really read any of her work then you would know that and if you had any knowledge of what the world was like in 1920 you would understand her. In 1900 over 65% of the US population was below the poverty level. 1 in 4 women died in childbirth. Sanger herself lost her mother to childbirth after too many pregnancies which caused her to crusade for birth control. Of the countries in the world that have BC versus those that don't-think about where you would really want to live.
Iris July 10, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Interesting that you assume I am a Liberal since I am for birthcontrol and that I support Warren. I have voted about 50/50 for both parties in my lifetime. Furthermore-did you know that Obama has raised 4 times the amount of money from active duty military than Romney? This is a fact-check it out online at CNBC. We are sick of the GOP and their stupid agends with the military, society, and obstructionist platform. So-I was not only Airborne but a parachute Rigger and commanded the Rigger Company at the 101st. You old farts don't know ____ about jumping today or what the modern military thinks so I think you need pull your head out of your 4th point of contact. The GOP thinks it has some kind of hold on the military but it only really applies to old guys who have been retired for a while. My generation is not easily bamboozled or brainwashed and we don't straight ticket vote based on party affiliations. I have no problem with MA Republicans and I probably have more in common with them than MA Democrats but like I said earlier-Southern Republicans are basically extremists who have nothing in common with the Commonwealth and do not reflect the values of this state at all. If Brown is voting with them then he is not reflecting the values of his citizens. If you affiliate with Southern GOPers-then go for it but don't assume the mliitary "votes" a certain way-that's old timer hogwash..
Dan Quigley July 10, 2012 at 04:22 PM
JD Davis July 12, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Lizzie, 1) As a Native American, where do you stand on abolishing the celebration of Columbus? 2) How many "middle-class" families do you know, that earn over $900k a year? 3) Finally, I am redoing my family room this weekend, do you have any advice on hanging wallpaper for a regular guy like me?


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