Letter: Selectman Kevin Conley Seeks Reelection

Selectman Kevin Conley on why he should be reelected to a full term on the Board of Selectmen in May.

To the Residents of the Town of Holliston:

For the past eight months, it has been my privilege to serve you as a member of the Holliston Board of Selectmen. During this time, I have worked to open the doors of the Town to your concerns, and while facing issues as diverse as potholes to health insurance, have done my best to give them appropriate and considered attention.

I was elected largely based on a platform dedicated to bringing a professional business approach to town government. As a small business owner, I recognize the absolute necessity of balancing costs with anticipated benefit for a measurable result. Holliston should be analyzing key performance indicators and comparing with them with likes towns – showing where we’re doing well and where we can improve. I have utilized my budgeting, forecasting, management and customer service experience to help shape our town government, in matters as simple as introducing a “How did we do today?” program at the Town Hall, to the inclusion of a private sector component in our “Wage and Benefit Study.”

During this time, the Board has worked to become more accessible by holding daytime meetings at the Senior Center, Mission Springs, with the Holliston Lions Club, and in the near future, with the Holliston Business Association and the Holliston Rails Trail Committee.  I believe that the most important voice in town matters is yours, and appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to listen.

With this in mind, I am proud to announce that I will be seeking re-election for a full three-year term to the Holliston Board of Selectmen this May.  Holliston is a wonderful town and great place to live. We must be prepared to deal with the challenges ahead, to confront matters moving beyond the emotion of an issue and deal with it in real world terms.

I am committed to working diligently for the residents of Holliston and to continue offering innovative solutions as we face future challenges together. I respectfully ask for your vote on May 22, 2012. 

Kevin Conley


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