Letter to the Editor: Lamb Challenges Dykema's Record

He presents some of her Roll Call votes.

To the Editor:

There is so much that my opponent fails to disclose about her voting record. She votes for the Speaker, not the district.

My opponent fails to mention that the percentage she votes with the Speaker is 95.37.

At the Hopkinton debate last week, Rep. Dykema admitted to voting wrong. She doesn't vote for the district. She votes for the Speaker 95.37 percent of the time. You don't have to believe me. I am happy to send people her voting record. She claims to always vote for the district, but yet she sent $35 million of our tax dollars to bail out Lawrence. That did not help Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough, and Westborough.

I am not surprised by this attempt to mislead voters, because on Wednesday, the Worcester Telegram endorsed my candidacy and called me the candidate of "balance."

People should look at the actual votes to judge for themselves. Here are some of Rep. Dykema's Roll Call votes:

  • She voted with the Speaker against putting committee votes online not once but twice. (2009 and 2011) This keeps the public in the dark. How is this helping transparency? It doesn't. Denying people the right to know about votes was purely partisan.
  • She voted with the Speaker against requiring an independent audit of the House financial records (Roll Call 13 2.11.09). She voted twice with the Speaker against an amendment to require equal membership of the Ethics Committee making it nonpartisan (Roll Call 4 1.20.11 and Roll Call 7 2.11.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker against requiring to report all local bills within 45 days (Roll Call 20 2.11.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment requiring all bills be in print 24 hours before a vote (Roll Call 8 1.20.11). Please note that during the Rules debate, Rep. Dykema voted 100 percent of the time with the Speaker.
  • She voted with the Speaker against allowing a House floor vote on a new code of Ethics for the House (Roll Call 117 10.5.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment to increase transparency for independent expenditures campaigns (Roll Call 38 3.26.09) Note that Rep. Dykema has been a recipient of multiple independent expenditures.
  • She voted with the Speaker for a parliamentary gimmick to kill requiring voters to show ID to vote (Roll Call 267 5.31.12). She voted with the Speaker for an amendment to prohibit an effort to obtain a person's legal status before receiving welfare benefits thus allowing illegal immigrants get taxpayer funded benefits (Roll Call 129 5.1.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment to require the state to participate in the Obama administration's Secure communities program that helps deport criminal illegal immigrants (Roll Call 73 4.28.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker numerous times to kill amendment to stop illegal immigrants from getting taxpayer funded benefits. (Roll Calls 134 11.1.11, Roll Call 71 4.28.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker to kill an amendment to lower the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 5.75 percent (Roll Call 130 11.1.11). She voted with the Speaker to increase the sales tax by 25 percent, increased fees at the Registry and to implement a double taxation on alcohol (Roll Call 154 6.19.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker to bailout the city of Lawrence with $35 million of your tax dollars (Roll Call 294 3.3.10).
  • She voted with the Speaker against allowing sheriffs to charge inmates $5 to help pay for housing (Roll Call 82 4.27.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment requiring votes to be taken to increase tolls (Roll Call 51 4.7.09 and Roll Call 60 4.8.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment to gradually roll back the income tax to 5 percent (Roll Call 39 4.24.11).
  • Presently cell phone companies have to charge sales tax on the amount a package costs even if it is being discounted. She voted with the Speaker against an amendment that would have allowed customers to only pay the sales tax on what is actually being spent (Roll Call 38 4.25.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker on a parliamentary gimmick to prevent the House from voting on making one weekend in August the permanent sales tax free weekend (Roll Call 93 7.27.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker to increase the sales tax by 25 percent (Roll Call 87 4.27.09).
  • She voted with the Speaker on a parliamentary gimmick to prevent the House from repealing the double taxation on alcohol (Roll Call 264 11/18.09).
  • When it comes to pension, please remember she voted against capping state pensions at $100,000 (Roll Call 138 11.2.11).
  • She voted with the Speaker against an amendment to prohibit pensions for felons for the period of the person's incarceration (Roll Call 66 4.14.09).

There are more Roll Call votes!

What Rep. Dykema says and writes back to the district are completely different from her voting record. When you look at the actual voting record, you see a very partisan incumbent who is attempting to fool voters. I am happy to send the roll call votes for people to review. People should see the votes.

Marty Lamb

Candidate for state representative

Kelly Roney October 29, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Funny, I always thought that Tea Party Republican wasn't name-calling at all. It was the label Marty applied to himself before he tried to pretend he was a moderate. It is name-calling if I call him a lawyer? He is still a member of bar, isn't he? I know he wants to morph his law practice into a small business, but isn't it reasonable for me to say that Beacon Hill surely doesn't need another lawyer? Or is it name-calling when I claim that "K Napolitano" is almost certainly another alias for Desiree Awiszio, Marty's campaign manager? When I quote Marty's admission that he "was out of touch with a lot that was going on in the community," I don't leave it there. I acknowledge that he now thinks he's in touch. That's giving the whole truth, which the Lamb people almost never to. I just question the evidence for Marty being in touch even now. Two contributions to Brewfest is fine. In ten more years, he might be able to catch up to where Carolyn Dykema already is. Maybe.
Kelly Roney October 29, 2012 at 02:47 AM
By the way, on the subject of name-calling, Lamb named me in the Hopkinton debate and said that someone had impugned his religion, leaving the impression that I had done so. This was a bald-faced lie, straight from the candidate.
Kelly Roney October 29, 2012 at 02:56 AM
What's truly pathetic is Marty hiding behind his children when no one else has ever even brought them up, never talked about them, never said bad thing number one about them. That would be off limits, but the Lamb campaign has tried to pretend my criticism of his dismal Town Meeting attendance record (4 meetings attended in 16 years!) somehow attacks his family. Marty apparently thinks it's always someone else's fault.
Kelly Roney October 29, 2012 at 03:11 AM
"Napolitano" hopes people haven't followed the Lamb lying brigade's strategy from the very beginning of attacking Carolyn Dykema. It has been disgusting and despicable, and now they want to criticize my defense of Carolyn. The Lamb brigade hasn't just scrutinized Carolyn's record, they've constantly distorted it. Sometimes they've out and out made up falsehoods about it. They claimed early on that the legislature passed marijuana decriminalization, when it passed by referendum at the polls. The Lambies call Carolyn too partisan, despite the established fact that every single sitting House Rep. is more partisan than she is. Every one. They say I can't defend her record, yet I constantly do. Carolyn does, too. They lie about the SEIU, which has never provided any help to Carolyn. They say that the MTA runs Carolyn's campaigns, which is completely false. She won't even take contributions from them. The MTA is welcome to send mailers - why shouldn't it. Carolyn's campaign has zero input or control over that. Lamb's campaign decided two things very early (January) and stuck to them. It can't win without tearing Carolyn down. It can't win without distortions, half-truths, and outright lies. Frankly, I think it can't win - at all. But those of us who favor respectful and civil political dialog should punish Lamb at the polls by refusing to vote for his surly brand of negativity.
Darlene Hayes October 29, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Napolitano, I have not named called or lied. I dont want to argue with you. My points are facts regardless of the circumstances. I can name other business owners in similiar situations who have been far more active in the community with more severe situations at home and have maintained personal success as well. It is pathetic that you are touting this as his excuse of attendence at town mtgs. I am not heartless-far from it, I may not live in Holliston but very active within the community Mr Lamb is running in - the 8th district. Yes, he has sponsored several events (2 annual Brewfests) and probably a few more events .... a couple brewfests and a $150 donations to the Hopkinton Veterans breakfast is far from many. He also solicited the involvement in the Hopkinton breakfast to promote his campaign, I am on the Board of the Friends of the Hopkinton Seniors that he thanks for their support to the Hopkinton seniors and veterans. Thank you Mr Lamb during your campaign for your support. But I have seen is MANY fundraisers for Mr Lamb's campaign, so it seems as much as he may be a community giver his hand has been out far more to give to him and support his campaign efforts.


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