Look Who's Tweeting: Holliston Goes Hollywood

As filming ramps up, tweets about Adam Green's fictional Holliston are becoming as numerous as those about the real town, offering a Twitter-eye view inside the world of TV production.

On any given day on Twitter, tweets about Holliston can cover a range of subjects, from check-ins from local businesses to sports taunts and retweets of news stories from Patch and other sources. 

But for the last two weeks or so, Holliston has also gone Hollywood on Twitter. 

Holliston, the horror-comedy sitcom that will air next spring on the Fearnet cable and on-demand network, began filming in Los Angeles this past week, bringing the chatter level up another few notches.  

This week saw Holliston-related tweets that covered crashed cars and lunch deliveries. A rundown of the tweets is below, but first the cast of characters: 

@Adam_Fn_Green Adam Green, Holliston native, director of horror films such as Hatchet. Co-stars and directs Holliston

TheJoeLynch Joe Lynch, horror director and actor; co-stars with Green 

Dee Snider Former Twisted Sister frontman has a role as Green's boss in the show 

Oderus Urungus Frontman from the band GWAR; stars alongside Snider


The Tweets: 

Friday, Sept. 23


 4:20am and I'm back on the #HOLLISTON set. Presenting the "Best Actress Award" at Universal Studios Eyegore Awards tonight after we wrap.

Thursday, Sept. 22


 Only the best Interstellar catering for @TheRealOderus on theHOLLISTON set! http://yfrog.com/kh7u3fcj

Wednesday, Sept. 21 


Rock stars, wrecked cars and "Wicked Reetaahded Prices". Just another day on the set of HOLLISTON. 


My poor car just got wrecked when HOLLISTON's caterer slammed into it in the parking lot. That's TWO cars destroyed in 2 weeks. On a sitcom. 

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Oderus Urungus

Alright tweeterlings! I am off to Hollyweird to shoot the first six episodes of "Holliston", premiering this spring on FEARnet! Huzzah!

TheJoeLynch Another epic day on HOLLISTON, acting alongside 2 living legends! #dontforgetyourlinesdontforgetyourlinesdontforgetyourlines 


Monday, Sept 19  


The hardest of part of #Holliston hasn't been the 20 hour days. It's been my diet to be on camera. Would kill for a Friendly's sundae. :( 


Sunday, Sept. 18


"ThasRIIGHT!" RT @deesnider #holliston rehearsals with@Adam_Fn_Green &@TheJoeLynch today. Fun. Start filming show tomorrow! Yikes! 


Off to the #Holliston set for Day 3. Final rehearsal day before cameras roll tomorrow on the first episode that we are shooting.


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