Oh My: Thief Seeks Comfort; Santa Forgets Squirrel

We report the wacky and unusual police news from across the region.

This alleged thief was doing some sole-searching.

When you're walking around a large grocery store for awhile, your feet are bound to hurt. The man also stole cream cheese and a water filtration system, police said.

Was this package expected to be sent by UPS, or FedEX?

An out-of-state resident called Milford police to report he had ordered a dog on Craigslist from a person in their town. The man was advised his complaint was a civil matter.

One man's waste oil is another man's...environmentally conscious gasoline. Maybe.

In Northborough, police responded to a crime of the likes they'd never seen. . The oil bandit (or bandits) are at large and therefore their motives cannot be determined for sure. Waste oil can, however, be used as an alternate source of car fuel.

The 7-Eleven doesn't have a drive-thru, but it is possible to drive through it.

The 7-Eleven in Shrewsbury was closed Thursday night after an SUV drove through its front window.

Santa forgot to take this little guy with him when he stopped by in December.

The caller was afraid it was possibly sick. Animal control advised the squirrel was just scared, and told the resident to remove it from the house. 


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