OPINION: Herr for Selectman

Retiring Planning Board Chairman says he's still a Democrat but thinks Brian Herr is the best choice.

I'm endorsing Brian Herr for Selectman. 

In my experience working with Brian, he manages meetings well, listens more than he speaks, asks the right questions, and works to ensure a fair and open process. 

Brian understands that Town Meeting is the ultimate authority on critical decisions in Hopkinton, and that the role of town boards is not only to implement Town Meeting decisions, but also to ensure community input is reflected in proposals that boards bring to Town Meeting.  

Although I am a Democrat who will continue to support Jim McGovern for Congress, I believe the candidate in this year's race for Hopkinton Selectman whose pragmatism, political instinct and local experience will most benefit Hopkinton is Brian Herr.

- Joe Markey


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