Richard de Mont for Hopkinton School Committee

Incumbent School Committee member points to committee's past achievements in educational excellence at a fair cost, and looks forward to discussion on Center School project.

The Hopkinton School District is in a period of transition and there is much to be done to keep Hopkinton on track as one of the best districts in the state.

We have a new superintendent coming on board and School Committee negotiations with the Hopkinton Teachers Association to complete, a subcommittee I serve on.

We also are just beginning to start the process to reach townwide consensus on the Center School project, as well as looking at other capital projects, particularly at Elmwood.

I am actively involved in these various projects and would like to see them through to completion. Accordingly, I am seeking re-election to School Committee and respectfully ask for your vote on May 16.

 This is a critical time for Hopkinton. In this business, if you don’t progress, you fall behind.

Education is a continuum. We set goals, reach them and then set new and more difficult goals.

I’m proud to be associated with a school district that has consistently and aggressively set and met ambitious goals, pursued innovation, achievement and efficiencies in all areas, including curriculum, service delivery, facilities and budget in order to deliver the best educational product at the most economical cost.

In this regard, Hopkinton’s educational cost per student is approximately $1,500 less than the state average. Our citizens, my fellow committee members, past and present, and a fine administration team, led by Dr. Phelan, have collectively and consistently made a commitment to quality education for Hopkinton. We have delivered, helping to make Hopkinton one of the most desirable communities in the state to live in.

We presently face the challenge of coming together as a town to reach consensus on the Center School Project.

Emotions have run high and there has been some divisiveness created over the issue. It is important to step back and note that the one constant, no matter where one stood in support or against the proposed school, was that the people were passionate about, and in support of, our children, the schools and our town.  We just had differing views on how to best achieve our goals.

Hopefully we can build on this common ground and come to a townwide consensus on how best to address our Center School needs.

I supported the proposed Center School building project both on economic and educational grounds. However, inasmuch as this project did not receive the necessary support, I now look forward to working with all interested parties to find a solution that will receive townwide support.

 I do support longer grade spans, if possible, as I believe are they are more educationally beneficial to the children, especially those children with special needs and on Individualized Educational Program plans.

Those children would particularly benefit from the continuity of having the same specialist over a longer period. Longer grade spans would avoid transitional downtime for both the students and specialists.

However, what we end up doing will in large part be driven by what people will support.

I am committed to an open dialogue and finding the best solution for our children and the taxpayers.  My own, uncompromising drivers in this process are value to the taxpayers and educational benefit to the students, in whatever form that takes place.  

- Richard de Mont, School Committee member, candidate for re-election


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