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An Innovative Way For Schools to Fundraise and Learn at the Same Time

It has never been easier to raise money for your school now that MY ECO has developed an incentive for shopping with reusable bags. The simple task of using the MY ECO Bag Set or your own reusable bags will be rewarded by Shaws and other participating stores with a monetary donation to the school or charity of your choice! Reuse Challenge participants do their regular supermarket shopping while simultaneously giving back to the environment and education programs. What could be better?

In addition to using reusable bags in stores and promoting reuse in the home, schools participating in the Reuse Challenge will reinforce these habits in the classrooms with projects and activities that teach students the importance and fragility of our Earth’s environment.  

Schools fundraise by selling the MY ECO Reusable Bag System to families and friends, and the school retains a percentage of each sale. Every time the reusable bags are used at participating retailers, the store will donate a percentage of each sale to the school or charity that the shopper supports.

Shoppers can take part in the MY ECO Reuse Challenge in just a few simple steps. After purchasing the MY ECO Reusable Bag set, register by downloading the MY ECO Mobile App or signing up at www.getmyeco.com. Next, select a school or charity to support when you shop. Remember, the only way to get participating stores to donate money is to use your reusable bags. Finally, go shopping! At the checkout, use the MY ECO mobile app to scan the QR code and enter your total purchase for that shopping trip. The mobile app also tracks the number of plastic bags you are keeping out of landfills!

It’s that easy to raise money for the school or charity of your choice and simultaneously teach children the importance of reuse. Each individual’s efforts contribute to the collective success of the community. Together, we can make a difference in our communities and in our environment.


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