Top Comments: Tax Increases

We recap the top comments of the past week.


 said: Rep. Dykema betrayed us and betrayed our trust by voting for tax increases in a recession. She can’t hide from that. She cares more about insiders than us. She cares more about special interest groups, you help me, and I’ll help you. I can’t afford to pay any more taxes out to a reckless and wasteful state government. We are not represented by these politicians.

I think it's time we had balance and diversity on Beacon Hill. It's such a mess, and all we have to do is look at who is running this state. They are all alike and got us into this total mess. Let's clean out the mess ! We need another choice, another alternative, and if Marty Lamb decides to run, I'm paying attention, and it's great for this district to have him on the ballot to vote for.

We need new people running, and I hope we do have Marty Lamb running for State Rep here.


 said: A quick Google check reveals that Louise Haffty is the maiden name of a resident of Worcester. It makes one wonder why she is so passionate in attacking Rep. Dykema, someone who is not even her Representitive. 
It turns out the her married name is Louise Awiszio, related to Desiree Awiszio. Ms. Awiszio is a well political activist on the political right. this makes on question Ms. Haffty's agenda and her use of forums for partisan purposes. Something seems very wrong here.



 said: Maria is an inspiration to many, thanks for this excellent profile and tribute to an exceptional lady.

Ralph Zazula February 12, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Taxes are for All. I am not a Holliston resident. I did grow up spending my summers on Lake Winthrop. I stay informed of what happens in the Holliston of my youth. There are other reasons for my interest. My cousin lives in town. We get to talk about current events. Like my cousin, I am a convert to the GOP mostly for financial reasons. The wasteful and corrupt spending on the part of Democrats is more than just a shame, it is harmful to many families across the state. Families that cannot continue to afford their middle class lives. Some are forced to move to more affordable locations. My cousin is Marty Lamb. I may not live in Holliston, but I know who Carolyn Dykema is. I know she wants to raise my taxes. She wants me to pay more to buy gasoline, buy food, buy anything effected by sales tax increases. She wants me to pay more to drink water, dispose of trash, or use any service in MY community. In short, Carolyn Dykema may not be MY representative, but she votes to raise MY taxes and MY fees every chance she gets. I may not be be in district, but I do care about who Holliston votes for. Yes, I like my cousin and know that he is great guy. But it is Dykema's spending and taxing that has me paying attention. I want to ask everyone to help me and so many other people across the state by voting for Marty Lamb instead of big spending incumbents. I appreciate that the Patch allows me to stay informed and share my views, even if I am not a resident, but just another victim.


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