Animal Control Rescues Hawk From Highland Street

The hawk, which appeared injured, was sitting on the road in a dangerous location.

Early this afternoon a caller told the Holliston Police Department about an injured bird on the side of Highland Street.

When officers arrived with Animal Control, the hawk was observed sitting on the shoulder of the road.

Animal control attempted to cover the hawk with a blanket to transport it to a car facility, but during the attempt the hawk flew away.

According to Cheryl Rudolph, Ashland's Animal Control Officer, the hawk appeared to have been stunned from flying into a car or a window.

Rudolph found a dead bird that had the hawk had been eating when she tried to capture it and moved the bird in to the yard near where the hawk had flown.

kate f April 24, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Odd..as a hawk, looking exactly like this one, flew across the road, low, in front of me on Stonebridge road (?) in Framingham this morning..I was able to slow so that I didn't 'hit' it..and it flew across the front of my windshield. hmm..They're beautiful..


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