Updated: New Police Chief Seeks Resident Input

Top cop John Moore and members of the Holliston Police force appeared at the Arts Council's Summer Concert Series last Tuesday, hoping to open the lines of communication with residents.

When Chief John Moore , he indicated that among other things, he wanted to open the lines of communication between his department and the community.

Evidence of that desire becoming reality was clearly apparent last Tuesday night. Moore and members of his force participated in , which coincided with the at Goodwill Park. Moore was seen handing out a questionnaire, the results of which will be used by the force to develop its strategic plan for 2012-2017.

In discussing the survey, Moore said “It’s for us to find out what the residents of town want us to concentrate on for the next five years, and whether or not they’re satisfied with what we’re doing now.”

Lines of children were obviously satisfied, as they donned Fatal Vision glasses, and gleefully attempted to maneuver their way through a police-created traffic cone obstacle course. Fatal Vision glasses are manufactured to replicate the visual impairment caused by alcohol or drug use. One well-coifed state Representative was noticed giving the course a try. She, quite predictably, was consistently seen falling to the left.


As summer rolls on, so does the presented by the Holliston Arts Council.

Last week, John DeKadt brought  his drums and interactive drumming circle presentation to , and those expecting a Ringo Starr-type performance, may have been surprised, but they were not disappointed. DeKadt’s presentation included African-influenced rhythms, and many Holliston residents happily joined in the fun.

Ringo fans might find British classic rock cover band Britannica
more to their liking. Rumor has it (or I’m starting one now), that the band, appearing at Goodwill Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., has been fervently practicing the Kinks' “Til The End of The Day”, in hopes of satisfying one local rock critic’s insatiable thirst for ignored classics of his youth. The word is that said critic will be equally impressed by a performance of the “Freddie,” while singing “I’m Telling You Now.”

The Summer Concert Series will conclude on August 16 with a scheduled appearance by the brass quintet, Quintessential Brass.


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