DA: Men Arrested Selling Cocaine Laced Bath Salts

One of the men who was arrested Tuesday night in Sudbury lives in Hopkinton.

The Middlesex County District Attorney's Officer has charged two men with trafficking in cocaine, possession of a class C substance with the intent to distribute, possession of a class B substance with intent to distribute, distribution of a class B substance, distribution of drug paraphernalia and conspiracy.

According to a press release from the District Attorney's office the two men were arraigned today in Framingham District Court and held on bail.

Bath salts, which have been in the news since a reported canablism incident in Miami last summer, were not illegal in Massachusetts until a law went in to effect on January 1. 

According to the DA's office the Valero station where the two men were arrested continued to illegally sell the drugs.

"According to authorities, they received information over a several month period that juveniles were purchasing bath salts at the Valero gas station in Sudbury, ingesting them and getting sick."

Tuesday night an undercover officer went to the station and reportedly bought "blast," the street name for the drug, and drug paraphernalia from Askandar who was working at the gas station's counter.

"It is alleged that Youssef, the owner of the gas station, was aware that these substances were no longer legal to sell in Massachusetts.  There were also hundreds of pipes, bongs, digital scales and grinders available for sale at the store."

Youssef and Askandar will next appear in Framingham District Court on Feb. 6 at a probably cause hearing.


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