Dykema, Lamb Tout Debate Performances

The Eighth Middlesex District state representative candidates debated in Hopkinton on Monday night.

Both candidates for Eighth Middlesex District state representative are touting their performances during their debate Monday night in Hopkinton.

In campaign press releases this week, incumbent Carolyn Dykema, D-Holliston, and challenger Marty Lamb, R-Holliston, defended their positions on a wide range of issues, from the economy to bi-partisanship.

"Lamb had more specifics when it came to education, controlling state spending, and reviving the economy," Lamb's campaign said.

Meanwhile, Dykema "credited her common sense approach to taxes and fiscal reform to her business education and decades of experience working in small and large local companies," her campaign said.

Dykema and Lamb fielded questions Monday night from Michelle Murdock of the Hopkinton Independent and Tom Moroney of Bloomberg News. The Hopkinton Independent and Hopkinton Cable Access Television sponsored the debate, which was moderated by Chuck Joseph. The debate can be viewed on Hopkinton Cable Access Television's website.

The Eighth Middlesex District includes Holliston, Hopkinton, precinct 1 in Medway, precincts 2 and 3 in Southborough, and precinct 2 in Westborough. 

Darlene Hayes October 20, 2012 at 06:59 PM
What Lamb has is unrealistic IDEAS not a COMMON SENSE plan. A plan is well thought out with steps for implementation, how costs associated with will be covered, turn keyed and maintained. His ideas have none of these.
Darlene Hayes October 20, 2012 at 07:34 PM
No one wants a sales tax increase but at times its a lesser of two evils to spread the burden of the 24billion in Big Dig costs to ALL consumers than just commuters who utilize the pike. I commute a lot and a round trip in and out of Cambridge is already over $8 per day/$40 week, without the sales tax increase this was at minimum expected to double (16day/80wk) this would have been a huge financial hit for many commuters in the 8th district. In my case in particular, we are two working parents who at one time were both commuting with different schedules and sites (so capooling wasnt an option), my family's cost would have quadrupled. With the sales tax increase an item that has a cost of a $100, the cost increase to the consumer is $1.25. Driving to NH will not make sense for anyone who has to burn more than a half gallon of gas to do so and see this as a much more fair bearable burden to ALL and not just commuters on the Pike. I dont see this as a huge burden on anyone and in comparison in New England: we all NH has no sales tax but other huge costs to live there, VT is 6% but with municipality fees can be as high as 7%, CT is 6.35%, RI and ME are both 7%. Ms Dykema voted with the people of her district in mind, not to burden the working commuters in this district to bear the weight of the Big Dig.
Kelly Roney October 20, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Odd definition of "nothing," BJ. Here are a few of the things Carolyn has done to help: Kept local aid to education high. This keeps teachers and public safety personnel employed, which helps avoid the massive unemployment seen in red states. Helped control health care costs for small businesses, for towns, and for all businesses and citizens. Frozen the insurance rates for unemployment insurance. What's Marty done? The real definition of nothing. You might look around America for contrasts. You'll find that Massachusetts is comparatively doing very well. That doesn't mean Carolyn will relax. There's still far too much to do to make our lives better (even though our quality of life is the best in America, according to conservative magazine Forbes).
Kelly Roney October 20, 2012 at 09:32 PM
If Marty's a reality check, he's a bounced reality check. His business experience has been less than successful. Carolyn, on the other hand, has been successful at all levels, public and private. There's really no contest if you're looking for well-thought-out, community-oriented, bridge-building representation. I feel privileged to be represented by a person of the high quality of Rep. Dykema.
Darlene Hayes October 22, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Yes Joe, Mr Lamb has been all over the district with his hand out fundraising, too bad he hasnt had his hands out giving back to his community over the years.


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