Selectmen Approve Pay Increase For Firefighters

While not what the firefighters asked for, the selectmen's recommendation would cover insurance costs and then some.

When , the selectmen said they needed to review the request.

Last night, the selectmen voted to approve a pay increase although not as much as had been requested.

"In the end, it needs to be something that is sustainable and something that is affordable," Selectman Jay Leary said.

The initial request from the fireman was for increased stipends, however after reviewing the various forms of payment the firefighters get the board decided to spread the increase to other forms of payment

"Across the board I think this is a really, really good proposal," Selectman Jay Marsden said. "Everyone gets a bump and we covered all of the underlying issues."

The firefighters will be paid an extra $150 a month for attending training sessions. Firefighters at every rank in the department will also be earning at least 60 percent more for their hourly response rate.

Specifics still need to be reviewed by the Finance Committee but the decision by the selectmen works out to more than $140,000. A proposal is expected to be voted on at the Town Meeting Monday night.


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