Hopkinton in 1911 By the Numbers

Every year the town of Hopkinton releases it's annual town report, here's a look at what happened in town in the year of 1911.

For the past 287 years the town of Hopkinton has been releasing an annual town report. Today we take you back to the town report that was released in January of 1912 containing information from the year 1911. The town report includes all sorts of interesting statistics from population breakdowns to budget numbers. Here are some of the more interesting numbers from that year.

Number of Births: 39, 23 male, 16 female.

Number of Deaths: 68. The highest number of deaths was 11, caused be pneumonia. Three people died of cancer that year.

Number of Marriages: 27. The oldest groom was 62, the youngest bride was 17 (I hope they weren't marrying each other).

Number of dog licenses: 190. The Country Treasurer collected $414 from dog licenses that year.

Amount of money spent on Town Hall: $581.18. This amount is broken up into various categories including hardware replacement and various repairs. The highest single line item was the coal to heat the building, which cost $112.09

Amount spent on meals for prisoners: $6.

Amount spent on advertising in the Milford Journal: $2.80 for four advertisements.

Number of residents qualified to serve as jurors: 41. All of them are males.

Money raised from tuition of school children: $417.62

Total number of fires and alarms: 43. Three of the alarms were for forest fires.

Payroll of firefighters: $618.34. The most expensive fire occurred in East Hopkinton on May 8, it cost the town$249.64

High School graduates: 12

All of the above information was taken from the Annual Report of Town Offices for the year ending Jan. 15, 2012.

This year the annual town report will be out in April for the year 2011. 


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