Hopkinton Selectman Brian Herr Considers Run for US Senate

Herr said he is "seriously considering" a run against Ed Markey for the seat.

A photo of the Capitol taken by Brian Herr in 2011. Credit: www.facebook.com/brianherr
A photo of the Capitol taken by Brian Herr in 2011. Credit: www.facebook.com/brianherr
Hopkinton resident and selectman Brian J. Herr is considering a run for the US Senate, according to Boston.com.

Herr, 51, a Republican said Tuesday he is “seriously considering” joining the race against Democrat Edward J. Markey, who won a special election for the seat and currently has no declared opponents, according to the story.

In a recent Facebook post, Herr said: 

With the new year comes new opportunities. I remain convinced that a reasonable, responsible, respectful Republican can win a statewide race in Massachusetts. Candidates focused on fiscal responsibility, equal opportunity, sensible foreign policy, state's rights and a libertarian approach to social issues would represent the residents of Massachusetts well. I am looking at the U.S. Senate race for 2014 very seriously and will make a decision on a possible campaign in the coming weeks. The citizens of Massachusetts deserve a choice at the polls in November.

Herr told Boston.com that,

  • Government should run more like the private sector 
  • He supports gay marriage and abortion rights and the Second Amendment.
  • He supports expanding federally mandated background checks for gun buyers and rejects the National Rifle Association’s argument on the issue, but 
  • He declined to take a hard stance on a federal ban of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.
  • His priority would be to bring leadership to the "Capitol’s dysfunction."
  • He supports term limits.
  • Regarding foreign policy, he supports diplomacy first.

For the full story, visit Boston.com. 


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