LETTER: Dykema Turned Away PAC Funding

Recent allegations of Rep. Carolyn Dykema accepting special interest donations to her re-election campaign are false.

Submitted by the Campaign to Eelct Carolyn Dykema regarding a post on Flemming-Hayes.com.

Good morning,

Yesterday you may have received factually inaccurate information from "writer" Shane at shane @flemingandhayes.com. I want to provide you with the facts.

The Dykema Campaign has never accepted special interest PAC contributions, so it was a shock to learn that the campaign had been accused of intentionally not reporting PAC campaign contribution. 

The facts are that the campaign received a check of $500 from SEIU 1199 dated 10/3/12, which was returned with a formal letter on 10/23/12 (see attached). To be clear, this check was never cashed or deposited in any way and the suggestion that the campaign is somehow "hiding" campaign contributions is malicious and untrue. 

The "writer" alleges that the Dykema campaign is somehow at fault because SEIU 1199 had not updated their records as of the date of the required filing. The file has since been updated and now accurately reflects that no contribution was made, here is a link to SEIU's amended filing: http://www.efs.cpf.state.ma.us/DisplayReport.aspx?reportId=161365

I hope that you will recognize this attempt to mislead voters and that you will consider all the facts and the motives of the sources before deciding whether to print any material relative to this matter.

As always, the Dykema Campaign stands ready to answer questions and would gladly provide any additional information you may require.


Lisa Kaplan 

Committee to Elect Carolyn Dykema

Don Folkes November 03, 2012 at 07:16 AM
Marty Lamb does the right thing and sends his own mail. I love the musical talking card. That sure is creative and caught my attention. I keep it on the kitchen table and also took it with me to the retirees group meeting. It gets quite a positive reaction. Congratulations to the Lamb campaign for the best mailer I've seen and read. All the others I just glance at and trash. I don't even read at this stage. Way too much static. It's all the same after a certain point, and everybody keeps sending them, and I keep trashing them. The Marty Lamb talking card I keep ! It's a keeper !
Darlene Hayes November 03, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Please check out name calling posts directed at myself from the person you reference & not only on this platform. An insomnia moment posted something I immedietly regretted & deleted. You said you have not participated in these blogs before, that insomia few saw. Refencing it in strings is going to make people curious. I appreciate yourself not taking jabs at my far from heartless character as well. In regards to the special town meeting and Mr Lamb's lack of presence. This has been a hot button about: lack of local involvement & poor attendence record at town meetings. Instead the release should have included a message like this: "Mr Lamb was disappointed not to be able to stay and participate in the rescheduled special town mtg in Holliston on 11/1. This meeting was rescheduled from 10/30 in the wake of hurricane Sandy and Mr Lamb had already a previous scheduled republican leaders event to attend but did his best to juggle his calendar this day with multiple committments." this statement then covers the question why in this circumstance. which was obvious but does need to be publicly stated. pr 101-who, what, when & why -his statement need the why regardless of assumed or obvious. I still also, believe the opposing campaign needs to make a public statement against the trespassing onto private property, theft and destruction of democratic signs in the town of Holliston. No statement adds to the perception that this behavior is accepted.
Kelly Roney November 03, 2012 at 08:38 PM
New B-movie coming soon: The Postmark Vigilantes Ride Again. So silly... Marty's got nuthin', so it's postmarks. Okaaay.
Darlene Hayes November 03, 2012 at 09:24 PM
These blogs have gotten out of hand and I admittedly posted something in error. I don't hide behind alias's and people know me in the community. I even emailed the editor myself early this morning asking advice in regards to whether comments need to be banned to articles and letters until post election. So, now others who dont really know me feel it is fine to dial my home and yell disgusting obsenities directed at me but instead got my 12yr old daughter who has special needs several times today. This has never happened ever here before. One is left to assume that yes I made a mistake, admitted it, deleted it but in turn some people now feel the need to retaliate into my home and my children. So, does one wrong make a right? When this election is over we are still neighbors in the same community who are passionate for a canidate or an issue regardless of the election's outcome.
Kelly Roney November 04, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Yet another non-troversy from the Lamb brigade, in which they ascribe bad motives for a simple mistake - which was made by someone else. Carolyn Dykema has earned re-election Tuesday, Nov. 6.


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