Markey, Gomez Win in Holliston and Hopkinton

Voter's headed to the polls late in the day to bring in more than 17 and 13 percent in Holliston and Hopkinton respectively.

Holliston and Hopkinton voters agree, they want Edward Markey, D-Malden, and Gabriel Gomez, R-Cohasset, to represent their respective parties in the upcoming senate election.

Voter turnout was slow early in both towns, with Holliston passing 5 percent at noon and Hopkinton passing 4 percent at 1 p.m. but later in the day more residents cast their ballot in the special senate primary to fill Secretary of State John Kerry's vacated seat.

Vote Breakdown:

Holliston, 1757 total ballots.

Name Votes Stephen Lynch 397 Edward J. Markey 830 Write in 1 Total Democrats 1228 Gabriel E. Gomez 294 Michael J. Sullivan 152 Daniel B. Winslow 82 Write in 1 Total Republicans 529

Hopkinton, 1304 total ballots.

Name Votes Stephen Lynch 277 Edward J. Markey 529 Write in 1 Total Democrats 807 Gabriel E. Gomez 237 Michael J. Sullivan 210 Daniel B. Winslow 48 Blanks 2 Total Republicans 497


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