Officials Discuss Fruit Street Land Uses Ideas

Last night the Planning Board met with members of the Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee.

It seems to be all about solar energy in Hopkinton lately and town groups are trying to get the municipality in on the savings.

Last night the Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee met with the Planning Board to discuss using several parcels of the Fruit Street property for ground-based photovoltaic energy panels.

Of the 254 acres in the parcel, HopGreen suggested using 23 acres to help the town's efficiency.

Savings are soon going to be diminished though, there are special incentives from the state and federal government for the first 400 mega-watts of solar panels installed across the state. These savings are expected to run out within the next 18 months.

According to Aubrey Doyle, secretary of HopGreen, the soonest any solar-array would be able to come online is about one-year after it's approved, which means the time is now for the town to get involved.

Planning Board members offered feedback on the idea suggesting that it be brought before a Fruit Street Planning Committee if the Board of Selectmen decide to re-establish one.

"This seems to fit right in with the vision of Hopkinton as being green and healthy," John Coutinho, vice-chair of the Planning Board said.

For now the idea is still in the development phases and no official plan has been established, but HopGreen is looking for feedback.



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