Romney Wins Hopkinton and Massachusetts [VIDEO]

On a Super tuesday that didn't show any single candidate as an obvious leader nationwide, Mitt Romney won soundly in the stat where he used to be governor.

After the fierce war that has been the Republican primary season, Super Tuesday represents just a few of the battles that lead to a Republican Party endorsement.

One of those battles yesterday was Massachusetts, although this one has been on Romney's calendar as a sure win.

"Romney’s victory in today’s primary was treated by nearly everyone as a forgone conclusion. Those who showed up at the polls validated that prediction, handing Romney a decisive victory, capturing 72 percent of the vote, with 47 percent of precincts reporting," an article on boston.com said.

The election was much the same in Hopkinton as it was across the state. The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee has been for several months.

As the vote tally became official for Hopkinton at 11 p.m. last night, announced that Romney had 945 votes in town, roughly 79 percent of all the votes cast for the Republican Primary. Trailing behind Romney were Ron Paul with 110 votes, Rick Santorum with 84and Newt Gingrich with 32.


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