Second DISC Article Voted Down at Town Meeting

At night number two of Hopkinton’s 2012 annual town meeting voters approved nearly all of the articles presented before them.

For the second night in a row Hopkinton voters gathered in the Auditorium. Hopes were high that it would be the last night of the meeting, but that wouldn’t end up being the case.

The longest discussion of the night revolved around an article that generated from the Downtown Initiative Steering Committee plans to improve the overall downtown experience.

Tonight the DISC article was designed to allow for an engineering study and design for the undergrounding of utilities from Wood Street to Ash Street.

The article revolved around two motions. The first would have allowed the town to petition the state’s general court for permission to use taxpayer dollars to fund a private project. This motion was required because the town does not own the utilities and therefore any changes to them would be an improvement to the private sector.

After members of the Board of Selectmen and DISC explained the costs associated with the project.

The second portion of the article would have raised $580,000 to be used for engineering and design for the actual work to happen followed eventually (potentially several years) by an up-to $8 million construction cost that would need to be voted on after the engineering was completed.

Town Meeting voted down the first motion, to petition the general courts, which therefore rendered the question about raising the money insignificant because it would have been unlawful to use the money as intended.

This decision to not pursue undergrounding the wires is the second vote related to the DISC project to be voted down. At the first night of the voters chose not to approve parking lot improvement design behind Bill’s Pizza.

To read the live coverage from last night’s meeting r a similar r.

We also have an

Join us tonight at 7 for what will be the last night of the 2012 annual town meeting. Articles 41 through 58 will be discussed and voted on.


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