High School Artist Awarded Silver Medal

Olivia Canestrari and her art teacher at the high school submitted her striped double drape mold ceramic creation to a state level art competition before getting escalated up to the national level.

Name: Olivia Canestrari


Accomplishment:  As a part of Canestrari's ceramic art class she created a double drape mold sculpture. Canestrari's sculpture was submitted to the state Scholastic Art Awards where she won gold key recognation. After that the sculpture was submitted to the natioanl Scholast Art Awards where she won a silver medal. Canestrari's piece is on display at the Massachusetts State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza in Boston, and will be on display with other national award winners in New York City this summer.

Motivation: For Canestrari this started out as a simple class project but turned into something bigger than that. “It really just started out as an experiment,” she said. “I wasn’t crazy about it at first but as it came together and I looked at it more it grew on me.”


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